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Methods of study and the pros and cons

I’m in my third year of study at the moment, so these exams will be my fifth set of university exams. Over my time at UC I’ve had a crack at a couple of methods to study for tests and exams. Some good and others not so good.

Method 1: the ideal situation

This method involves doing exactly what your lecturers think you should do. It’s quite simple really, pre-read all the lecture content, attend every class and ask questions, revise after each class, study in the weekend, study in the holidays and replace Netflix with echo 360.

If you can pull something like this off congrats to you, you’ve done the mahi now hang in there for the treats. However if you’re anything like me and only revise for assignments this method might be a little bit out of reach. Don’t worry though, if you start now you’ll boost that GPA and with a couple of other tricks you’ll be able to do well.

Method 2: past paper fiend

All past papers for your course are online. Work through them, get your mates to work through them and compare. This is even better if you can get solutions to the exams.

The pros of this method are that you get familiar with the examinable content, get prepped for test situation and learn key concepts of your course. But the cons are, your lecturer can throw you a curve ball in the exam and if you don’t have solutions you and your friend could be heading in the wrong direction.

Method 3: no sleep til broken

If you’re the kind of person who gets really stressed by tests, you might find yourself putting in a couple of big shifts in the Core, revising lectures and going over tutorials and assignments.

Pulling an all-nighter definitely has its pros increased focus, study spaces are a lot quieter and none of your friends are distracting you.

However, an all-nighter brings with it some serious risk. Sleep deprivation can greatly exaggerate stress and make you generally feel worse about yourself. Being tired in a test is one of the worst feelings, and when you get hungry late at night barely anything is open.

Pro tip, if you do want to make the most of quiet late night study space, check your exam timetable and if they’re all in the afternoon you can “safely” shift your sleeping pattern back by 5-6 hours.

Keeping healthy during exams

It’s important that you keep up a healthy diet and drink lots of fluid. As much as you think you need to study late it’s important that you rest your mind so that you don’t forget what you are learning. For me I often try to alleviate stress through faith, I feel that praying not only calms me but also helps me to focus on the task at hand.


Samoan Language Week – ‘kindness given, kindness gained’

“O la’u gagana o lo’u fa’asinomaga, o la’u gagana o lo’u mitamitaga, o la’u gagana o lo’u maluapapa”
“My language is my identity, my language is my pride, and my language is my shelter”

My language defines me and my ancestors. They sacrificed for my freedom, to speak freely and when appropriate. My language is a part of my identity that I take pride in.

I see it as my comfort zone because I feel confident when I speak my language as opposed to English. I don’t have to worry about “fobbing out” in front of people. This is what my language means to me as a Tama’ita’i Samoa (a woman of Samoa).

Words, when spoken in Samoan, lend very deep meaning. They say that words hurt more than anything else, and I tell you Samoan words hurt me a million times more than English words could. However, Samoan words are also the most soothing to me, for example when you hear an elder (or anyone in particular) speak our mother tongue. The words are spoken with so much grace and knowledge, you can feel the joy they bring. This is a constant reminder that our talatu’u – history was passed down from generation to generation through (mostly) stories.

This week is not only about celebrating our language, it’s also a celebration of our culture. The theme this year is – “Kindness given, Kindness gained” for Samoan Language Week (27 Mē – 2 Juni 2018). Kindness also known in Samoan as ‘Agalelei’ is one of the core foundations of Fa’a Samoa (Samoan culture and traditions). Everything you do within our culture, you should do it with kindness and with no expectation of anything in return.

This week is also a week of remembrance as Samoa celebrates its fifty-sixth year of Independence. We remember our people who fought hard for the freedom that we get to enjoy today.

‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.’ Nelson Mandela

Ia manuia le vaiaso ole Gagana Samoa.

Hero time, Jandals 2 quiz night

Hero time, Jandals 2 quiz night
Wednesday 23 May, 5pm-8pm
Engineering Core 222 Drawing Office

Our Jandals 2 event for Term Two is fast approaching! Come and compete in the quiz and mini games, where you will have to outwit, outplay, and outlast the other teams.

You can make your own team of 4-8 people or come and along and we will put you in a team. Come along, connect and network with others and be in to win awesome prizes. Like always, a delicious dinner will also be provided! Bring your family and friends for an awesome night! Read more>