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We are pleased to confirm the approach we’re taking to reimburse or credit students who held UC parking permits during COVID-19 Alert Levels 3 and 4. Thank you for your patience while we worked through the process.

Parking permits

Students who held paid permits will not need to pay for time unused. You will be asked to present your existing permit [outlined below] to the Security Office on your return to campus for reductions or reimbursements.

Monthly permit:

  • Display your March permit to cover parking for the month of May.
  • New permits purchased in May will be reduced in price.

Quarterly permits:

  • Quarter Two permits will be reduced in price to reflect loss of parking time in April and May.
  • If you held a Quarter One permit, the price of the Quarter Two permit will be further reduced to reflect loss of parking time at the end of Q1 (March).

Half-year permit:

  • Holders of a permit for the first Half-year can be reimbursed to reflect the loss of parking time in March, April and May.

One year permit:

  • Annual permit holders can be reimbursed to reflect the loss of parking time in March, April and May.


Reimbursements for Half-year and Annual permits can be sought by presenting your permit to the Security Office once Alert Level 2 is reached.  The Financial Services team will make reimbursements to the permit holder’s card.

Upon the move to COVID-19 Alert Level 2, campus will reopen and parking fees will apply as normal. For more information on parking at UC, click here>

If you have any further questions around parking during COVID-19 restrictions, or have a unique circumstance, please email ucprotect@canterbury.ac.nz