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Pasifika Welcome Day!

Saturday 28 February, 11am-2pm, Central Lecture Theatres

To celebrate the start of a new  academic year, a Pasifika welcome is  held every year on Saturday at the end  of the first week of lectures, bringing  together all first-year and returning  Pacific students and their families. It  is a great opportunity for students  and family members to hear from key  University staff and meet members of  the wider Pacific community.

Events at UC for the first week of the mid-semester break

Wednesday 27th:

  • Change of plans and this event is  now scheduled for 9 September, 1pm (Bentleys) and 5.30pm (Kirkwood). Today at 12pm is the Golden Key New Member Information Session. This FREE session will address questions about support, networks and scholarships that the group can provide for members. http://ucsa.org.nz/events/new-zealand-election-for-dummies-2/

Thursday 28th:

  • In the Undercroft seminar room from 9am-2pm all students and staff are welcome to attend the Pasifika Research Symposium. This event will cover options for Pasifika postgraduate research and how this could affect Pasifika communities in NZ and overseas. http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/events/EventDisplay.aspx?ItemId=5046