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Take care around Ilam School

Whether you’re skateboarding, cycling, walking or driving please take care when travelling near Ilam School. Especially around the Kirkwood Avenue entrance, the Ilam School staff car park entrance and at the pedestrian crossing on Ilam Road during school drop off and pick up times when it can get really busy.

Stay alert, be aware of what’s happening around you and look out for children. Also keep an eye out for cars entering and exiting car parks.

Take care and Think first!




Pedestrians and cyclists to benefit from new barriers

Pedestrians and cyclists will benefit from improvements on the Ilam campus between the Geography building and the Central Lecture Theatres/New Education building site.

Construction workers are installing a vehicle barrier arm and lockable bollards to create a controlled pedestrian and cyclist zone – making it easier for both groups to move through the area safely. There will still be very limited service vehicle access between the buildings however this will be strictly controlled.

There will also be more bike stands outside the entrance to the Central Lecture Theatres.

The work is expected to finish next week.