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Bake Your Thesis takes the cake


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UC PGSA held their inaugural ‘Bake Your Thesis’ competition this week with outstanding results as UC postgrad students presented their research in a different and tasty way.

The competition and award ceremony was held in the Living Room/Postgrad Space, beside UBS – University Bookshop Canterbury on Ilam Campus.

1st place:

Astrid Simonsen (Department of Political Science and International Relations) with her Imposter Syndrome Cake, representing her research on nonviolent movements and the blank pages of a thesis, and how hard it can feel to try to write something for a PhD

2nd equal

Geela Fabic (Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering) for her Educational and Interactive Python Programming Cake, which you could actually program
Merel Keijsers (Human Interface Technology Lab) for her Bullied Robot Cake with an internal motherboard

3rd place:
Olivia Silvester (School of Biological Sciences) for her Wetlands Cake, full of native birds and skinks, and the Cat Cupcakes which couldn’t cross the water

Honourable mentions:
• Mengping Cheng for her Chinese Book Cake – College of Education
• Ben Wamamili for his 6 layer Smoke-free 2025 Cake – School of Health Sciences
• Jamin Martin for his “Nanorama” – School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at UC
• Sam Davidson for his Subduction of a large chocolate province Cake – Department of Geological Science

Congrats to all!

Meet Katie Mills, 2019 Postgraduate Rep

Kia Ora! My name is Katie Mills and I am your Postgraduate representative on the UCSA for 2019.

2019 is looking like a very exciting year for Canterbury students. A major theme of this years UCSA elections was the new UCSA building that’s set to open next year.

The new building is going to open up a lot of new space for students. With new space, comes new opportunities.

Student buildings should be the hub of student culture. Canterbury’s student culture is so diverse and I want to make sure we’re really sensitive in capturing this.

I think the key to this is making sure the space remains dynamic. The building has to retain a certain degree of flexibility to ensure it stays relevant and sensitive to students needs.

The new UCSA building presents an opportunity to create an environment that fulfils the needs of many groups who have been missing out on a space that feels like their own.

This includes postgraduate students and international students. I’m looking forward to working closely with these groups on this project next year and I’m so excited and fortunate to be a part of activating such an amazing space for everyone!

Postgraduate’s new space – Living Room

There’s a new Postgraduate student space!

Your eyes are not fooling you folks. We’ve got ourselves a dedicated postgraduate space on campus. A space where we can hang out, share stories, find information, host gatherings and all sorts of fun stuff.

The Living Room is an old café/restaurant/club space that UC is trialling as a common room for postgrads to hang out. This is something I’m really REALLY happy with, as well before I’ve been in the role of UCSA PG representative, this has been campaigned super hard for. I hope everyone really enjoys the space and can have it feel like a little home on campus. A relaxing space where any postgraduate student can go and feel safe and welcome.

I’m hoping this space becomes an organic point of information sharing and place to find out what’s going on around campus for postgraduate students, as I know this sort of information can be hard to come by most of the time! I’ll be making sure I pin up posters and updates from the UCSA on the boards in there for you all to check in on the happenings at your students association.

Attached is an average looking map of where this space is on campus! I really hope you all get the chance to come along sometime soon and check it out. If you’re struggling to find it feel free to email me at postgraduate@ucsa.org.nz, or head to the UCSA office and ask myself or our receptionist Fiona!

I look forward to throwing some sort of launch party in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on UCSA’s Facebook page and the PG noticeboard (https://www.facebook.com/groups/UCPGSA/) for updates!