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Next year and beyond…

It feels pretty crazy to be writing this, but I have just completed my Bachelor of Arts in Media and Psychology!

Three years ago I arrived at University as a ‘fresher’ and was nervous about what the real world would bring. I had a blast at Orientation, met heaps of new friends, filled my brain with new knowledge, and experienced many different courses before I narrowed my options down. I’m glad that I entered into first year with such an open mind and tried so many different papers – English, Media, Psychology, Sociology and even Philosophy! Now I’m three years older, hopefully a bit wiser, and feeling ready for what next year holds in store. I’ve decided to stay on for another year at UC and have been accepted into Honours in Media  and Communication!

I’m really excited for what my course will teach me and how it will further my job prospects for when I leave.  University is such a personal journey and you really have to choose what you think is right for you. No matter which path you take, it will work out and you will grow along the way. Taking Philosophy in first year definitely showed me that! At first I found the concept of the course a bit crazy and I wasn’t sure how I kept getting As for my essays when I didn’t even understand what I was writing. But the course taught me how to think differently and respect other people’s opinions, plus I even met a good friend. If University has taught me one lesson over the last three years, it is to give everything a try before you say that you can’t do it.

Congratulations to those who are graduating this year and those who are undertaking further study next year.

Happy holidays!

New study option: One Year Teaching Master’s Degree

UC is now offering a new postgraduate course: Masters of Teaching and Learning Degree (MTchgLn). The degree will start in 2015, so enrol now if you’re interested! The course offers graduates an additional pathway into a career in teaching at primary or secondary levels. UC is one of the only NZ institutions which offers a one year masters teaching programme, which makes it an exciting new opportunity. The programme is full time and includes on campus study as well as time spent within schools on a weekly basis.

Read more here
Or find out about the master’s degree programme and entry criteria… 

Oh, the places you’ll go…

Hey everyone!

So we’re currently halfway through 2014. Can you believe it?
For me this means that I only have one semester left of my three year undergraduate degree in Media and Psychology. Many others will also be finishing up their degrees this year and if you are one of them you are most likely also contemplating, and wondering, and maybe panicking about what you’re going to do next year.

I’ve never really been sure about what I wanted to do. Even at school when we were nearing the end of our final year, and being told to think about what we would do after school I still wasn’t entirely sure. However, I did know that I loved learning, and reading. So I decided that I would start a Bachelor of Arts in my hometown of Canterbury. I decided to use my first year to explore many new opportunities for personal development. I tried: Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, English and Media, before settling on a double major in Psychology and Media in second year.

However, now I am at another crossroads in my life. At the end of this year I’ll have my Bachelor… and then what? My decisions about what to do next year are constantly evolving as I learn more about myself and how I can put my degree to use.  Currently I am leaning towards a year of Media Honours. However, who knows…

While I may still be figuring it out, I do have some useful advice (or I like to think so anyway):

  • Having a degree gives you the skills and knowledge to enter into many different jobs and careers. If you are now looking to leave university and find for a job, don’t just look in the obvious places. You never know, you could find the most interesting and rewarding job for you in the least likely place. Try to think of your degree as a skill set that you can apply to many different fields, rather than restricting yourself to only a few.
  • Understand your options for further study. If you are considering postgraduate study it could be useful to meet with the course co-ordinator and get a clearer understanding of what the course will cover, and if it will specifically benefit you. Take courses that further your opportunities. However, make them ones that interest you also, as these are the ones that you’ll do the best at.
  • Do not rush into postgraduate study just to stay at university. This is an important point as postgraduate study isn’t cheap, and it’s crucial that you decide for yourself that it is a valuable opportunity. Don’t just do it cause your friends are, or you like university parties. Eventually you’ll have to leave university, and venture into the real world, and you can’t rely on others to help you make that decision.
  • You can travel. If of course you have enough money. Travel is an enlightening and exciting experience! Many employers even see travelled individuals as a benefit to the workplace because they are perceived as people with: world experience, understanding of others and independence. You can even go on an exchange while you’re still studying!
  • Do not panic. This is golden advice. Most of you will still be within your early 20s when you finish your degree, and this means that you are only at the beginning of your life pathway. What you choose to do straight out of university will not define the rest of your life, and you don’t have to stick to it.

Have a look at your options for postgraduate study here: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/postgrad/