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Know of any inspiring young entrepreneurs?

Have a great idea but need help developing it? Know somebody who has started their business and needs support in the early stages?

The Dream, Believe, Succeed Foundation was established to give business driven youth the opportunity of developing their entrepreneurial spirit and providing a funding start up together with a service and mentoring package to commence their own business or grow their existing business with the goal of becoming a successful business person.

The successful candidate will receive:

  • up to $20,000 cash and the following:
  • An accounting package from Deloitte to the value of $10,000
  • A legal package from Lane Neave to the value of $5,000
  • A branding, graphic design, media and communications package to the value of $15,000
  • A marketing package from Happy Hire valued at $1,500
  • An office space at The Greenhouse
  • An insurance package from Sherpa Insurance valued at $1,500
  • 12 months mentoring and support from the founder of the award, Steve Brooks
  • 12 months mentoring from a successful business person who is involved in your business industry

To support the Foundations vision offers an award, the purpose of which is to assist a motivated, driven young person to become a future business leader.

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Lecturer of the Year (LOTY) Awards

Have you had a lecturer this year that has changed your world?

Is there someone out there who you think deserves to be rewarded for all the effort and care they have shown their lectures and students? Well now is your chance!

The Annual UCSA Lecturer of the Year Awards (LOTY) is on again, brought to you by the UCSA Welfare and Advocacy team. We are looking to YOU, the students, to vote for the most awesome lecturer on campus who deserves recognition for their efforts.

Voting is online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LOTY2015
and  starts on Monday 3 August closing on Friday 4 September.  You have four WHOLE weeks so start voting!

“What’s it in for me?” you may wonder.  If you include your name and UC live email address on your voting form (we promise we won’t sell your details to a marketing company! Cross our hearts), you will be in the draw to win one of four UCSA Food & Bar vouchers worth $50.00 each.

Multiple votes for the same lecturer will only count if you give a different reason each time (so don’t try hitting the resend button hundreds of time, we will know), but you can nominate more than 1 lecturer if there are so many good ones.

For more information on the Lecturer of the Year, contact ee-li.hong@ucsa.org.nz or catherine.staite@ucsa.org.nz

**Results are not guaranteed to be scientific- just amusing!**

We asked blue or black and you answered…

pen colour pie chart

A week ago we asked you which colour pen you preferred, blue or black? 454 of you replied with surprising passion…

The results were:

  • 62% blue
  • 36% black
  • 2% other (purple, green, red, four-coloured pens)

Some of you explained in great detail why your favour lies with a particular colour, which was an interesting insight. Many of you use both black and blue with a particular colour for headings, and some of you use a different colour for study notes vs lecture notes.

There are also many comedians among you – there were some comments that made me LOL, which I appreciated as I trawled through over 400 comments…interestingly, 13 of you all made the same joke: once you go black you never go back, which was funny the first three times.

This was a most fascinating research project. Thank you to those who commented, keep an eye on your student email on Monday to see if you’ve won our epic $80 study week prize pack.

For your enjoyment, here are some of the more unique comments:

Blue, of course. My life, which is full of work and assignments, is already black enough.

I don’t see colour. I judge a pen on the content of it’s character.

Black pen. In my mind, there is no such thing as a blue pen except for an artist. G2 .05mm. Über rare.

I can’t tell the difference, I’m colour blind. 

Depends which colour the person beside me lends to me.

Blue, as has been drummed into me since primary school. Black is for the non-conformists; kudos to you people.

About three things I was absolutely positive.
First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him – and I didn’t know how potent that part might be – that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably a black pen person.