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Top 3 reasons to get a proper fitness plan for $10

Have you ever seen that episode of Will and Grace, where Grace is too cheap (her character is a swanky, high earning New York interior designer) to pay for a trainer, and it doesn’t work out too well? It’s a pretty funny episode, and you can watch 2min of it here, but there’s no reason that you need to let that happen to you!  We’ve got a great deal going right now for just $10 to get you sorted….

Top three reasons to get a plan
  1. Customised training

You are unique, and your exercise plan should be too.  While we all have a skeleton, muscles and vital organs, we all have unique differences in how they are structured, how efficient they are and what we can do with them, both mentally and physically.  A personalised plan will ensure that you are doing exercise that will work for your uniqueness.

2. Structure for success

It’s a cliche but “a goal without a plan is just a wish”.  I don’t know who said it, but let’s put that out there again. Having a plan establishes a baseline and a roadmap to reach your goal. Sure, taking the scenic route is sometimes fun, but when we have busy lives, sometimes we just need to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible.

3. Save time, decrease mental clutter and stress

Kinda an extension of number 2…if we have a structure to our hour, day, week, month…we have less decisions to make, and therefore less stress. Outsource that decision to an expert (that’s us). We’ll help save you time in the gym, and by default, carve out additional time in your week for other stuff!

Jump those barriers!

So, we know that time is the number one barrier to exercise. Well, spend a little time (getting a plan) to save more time in the long run.

We also know that cost is another barrier – so we’ve put together a special, which runs until Sunday 2 August to make it a little easier.  As a student, you can book a SteerMe (personalised exercise plan) for just $10 (normally $20).  You’ll need to use it within three months, and that’s the only catch. Check out our website for more info, or just jump right in and purchase yours at the RecCentre reception next time you’re in.  We can even do Zoom consults, if you can’t /don’t want to make it gym based (just phone us 364 2433 to book and pay).

Be well!
UC Rec&Sport

Box, Dance or Bootcamp for fun and fitness

If you’re looking for something a bit different to get your fitness back on track then check out our small group training options for Term 3! 

girl in boxing course

Rewarding & Fun

Training (or playing!) with the same group of people each week brings its own perks, beyond the usual health & fitness benefits of a solo gym session. You’ll get to know your instructor, they’ll get to know you, which means they’ll be in a better place to help you really find your best. Even if you join with a friend, you’ll meet some new people who have at least one similar interest! And finally, we all know that once you’ve paid for something, that’s an added incentive to turn up each week to get your money’s worth – accountability right there.  Most of all, our small group sessions are really fun and interactive.

What’s on offer?

Term 3 brings back some of our favourites – Ballet, Boxing, Bootcamp and HipHop.  New this term is Kettlebell, a great tool for those using the gym and wanting a change in workout to mix it up.    Consider these courses extremely cheap personal training! Rather than $80 a session, they all come in under $7.50 per session, with only about 10 others to share the trainer’s attention.   

Sign me up

Registrations are open now, and you can sign up at our reception.  Payment is required at the time of rego. If you’re out of town, you can contact danielle.mather@canterbury.ac.nz and she’ll get in touch by phone to get you registered, so do include your cellphone number, along with the course you’re interested in.  These courses do fill fast, so get to it!

Stay well!
UC Rec & Sport Team


Run Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon with Run Canterbury

Is completing a half or full marathon on your bucket list? What about a scenic 5 or 10km?  Do you need a little support to get you there? Run Canterbury is kicking off again in Semester 2, targeting the gorgeous views of Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon in October – listed by Runner’s World as one of the most beautiful road marathons in the world!

Male runners in Dunedin half marathon
Dunedin Half Marathon
Experience and Knowledge

Run Canterbury has been operated by UC Rec&Sport for well over 25 years.  We have experienced runners leading our pack runs, which are sorted into beginner, intermediate and advanced paced groups.  If you under or overestimate your pace, you can switch between the groups to suit.  Our training programmes have been designed by experienced runners, strength & conditioning coaches and sport scientists.  You are in safe hands!


Sure, you can run by yourself.  Sure, you can download a training programme.  The difference with joining a running group is having the intention to run and actually running!  Pack runs leave the RecCentre twice a week, and there’s an online community to find running buddies for your other runs during the week – plus, we’ll be able to provide individual advice should you hit barriers (like injuries for example). Having a group to connect with each week keeps you accountable, on track, and more motivated to complete your other runs (or you’ll start to struggle to keep up!)


Check out everything that’s included on our website, and you’ll find 12 weeks of support for just $95 – an absolute bargain.  If you have friends or family who aren’t UC staff or students but would like to join in, they can for just $155.  Pack runs commence  Tuesday 14 July, and online registrations are available.

If you have any questions, please contact gary.gin@canterbury.ac.nz 

Run and be well!
UC Rec & Sport