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Works around E8 E9 tomorrow – Friday 21 August

A specialist truck needs to access the area between Electrical Link and the Core tomorrow in order to drive earth poles into the ground. This requires a portion of the hoardings that keep the public out of the site to be removed temporarily.

Any truck movements outside hoardings will be timed to occur while lectures are in session and foot traffic is minimal, and spotters will be engaged on each side of the truck while in motion.

Once the earth poles are driven in, the truck will exit via the same route and the hoarding will be replaced. Please take care when walking, biking or skateboarding anywhere near this area tomorrow.

Cyber safety tips: social media

SIs cyber safety something you consider in your daily social media activities? You might be surprised to know that of the active adult users of Facebook, 66% reported they did not know privacy controls existed on Facebook and/or they did not know how to use the privacy controls. (Consumer Reports, June 2011).

Make yourself more cyber-savvy by following these tips to improve your social media security:

  • Beware of phishing scams. UC’s IT Services will NEVER ask you to provide password/account credentials via email or social media, and neither would any reputable organisation. Also see Stacey’s recent post on the blog about phishing.
  • Once posted, always posted. Online is forever and future employers will search you on the Internet. Be mindful of what you post!
  • Your online reputation. As what you post is permanently available online, think about your online reputation and how you want to portray yourself. For example, think carefully about profile pictures used in professional (eg. LinkedIn) vs. social networks.

For more helpful advice about keeping safe on social media, such as:

  • why you should learn about your privacy settings
  • protecting personal info
  • knowing and managing online friends
  • creating unique, strong passwords
  • keeping a clean machine

See the Stay Safe Online website. For more general information about cyber security check out the Connect Smart website.

Nana lecture about safety…

As one of our recent campus billboards says: “I want to see you in a graduation gown, not hospital gown!”

Here are three tips for staying safe on campus:

  1. Read the emergency procedures: it is best to familiarise yourself with the emergency procedures and evacuation zones on campus before an emergency occurs. So while you’re waiting for a lecture to start, take a look at the evacuation board located around the building entrance or foyer.
  2. Report a hazard: if you spot something on campus that risks your safety or the safety of others, it’s really important that you report it. Simply call Security for free from your mobile on 0800 823 637 and they’ll log your concern with the Health and Safety team (it may pay to take a photo or note down any important details).
  3. Avoid construction zones: if there’s an alternate way to reach your destination choose that route rather than walking through areas where massive trucks might not see you. Engineering Road is a good one to avoid right now.

Nana lecture over :-).

Campus evacuation boards