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Together for Peace 2020 at the United Nations Conference Centre

The Humanitarian Affairs Story

Humanitarian Affairs believes that a lasting peace is a sustainable
peace, which means respect for human rights, initiatives to the
reduction of poverty, and equal access to education and economic
opportunities for all.

The 2020 Peace Summit
Humanitarian Affairs Asia is hosting the 2nd Peace Summit of
Emerging Leaders at the United Nations Conference Centre Bangkok, Thailand from February 5 to 7, 2020. The conference will gather 500 young leaders from different parts of the world and give them an understanding and broader perspective on this vitally important subject. We want to empower young leaders to be a champion of peace.

Watch the 2018 video>

Are you…

– Between the ages of 17 to 35 years old?
– Passionate about Peace, Social Change
and Humanitarian Affairs?
– Ready to network with Like-Minded
– Motivated to serve as an Humanitarian
Affairs Peace Ambassador?

For more information and to apply, contact:
Kimberley Bates
Global Partnership Associate
New Colombo Plan Scholar, Australia
Humanitarian Affairs Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

Make the most of your time at UC

“University is the best time of your life” so they say. It’s the golden years where we make memories that involve our best mates, old and new, discover ourselves, make mistakes and eventually learn from them.

With a university as big as UC, although it’s easy to meet people, keeping  in touch is tough as we don’t always see the same face twice unless both parties make a conscious effort. Being a student at UC is about more than getting a degree, the latest campaign says “UC More, Feel More, Do More” and this is for good reason.  Being a student here is genuinely your chance to have an all round unique experience.

With a varied and diverse range of social clubs and societies on campus, almost every individual’s needs and interests are catered to. Clubs and societies on campus are the ultimate way to make friends for a lifetime.

With over a 150 clubs ranging from sports to cultural, including academic and activist clubs, we really do have something for everybody.  If someone’s still looking for something else, then they can always start their own club! All clubs and societies on campus are affiliated to  the University of Canterbury Students’ Association           which is the governing body, but each club functions on its own, with an exclusive executive panel.

As UC students we are strongly encouraged to make the most of our time, both academically and socially, and we’re provided the resources to do so.  A piece of advice would be to put yourself out there. UC is a safe haven and a crucial part of our learning years and truly does offer so much more than a degree. So, go out there, get involved, meet new people, make new friends (stumble even) but don’t deny yourself the endless possibilities that the social aspect of UC has to offer through its clubs and societies.