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Engineering students! Here’s how you can spend your summer in the Pacific…

Are you interested in Biomedical Engineering? Would you like to combine your engineering skills with making a difference in a developing country this summer for ten weeks? 

Applications are now open to be one of the students selected to participate in this important work (counts as practical or professional work).

In a unique partnership between UC, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and non-profit Take My Hands, we are sending six Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering students (any professional year) to improve healthcare and the well-being of people in the Pacific Islands. This is intended to be the first year of an annual opportunity.

These are paid internships hosted by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and will have a research project focus. To learn more about this opportunity, please go to our webpage>

To apply for one of the five remaining slots, please answer the questions below in essay format (max 2 pages) and attach the requested information:

  1. Having reviewed the webpage above, why are you interested in this internship opportunity?
  2. What hands-on experience, global experience, background, and/or skills do you have that would help you succeed as an intern in the Pacific Islands?
  3. If selected, are you able to commit to the workshop training and the full time period of the internship (2 weeks of intensive training at UC in mid-November, first 3 weeks of December in the Pacific Islands, 2 weeks holiday—with option to travel home at your expense, then 5 weeks in the Pacific Islands until the week before classes begin again)?
    If you’re not able to commit to the entire period, what are your restrictions?
  4. This internship is only open to 1st thru 3rd Pro students in Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering who have a demonstrated interest and commitment to Biomedical Engineering. Both 1st and 2nd Pro students will be required to declare the Minor in Biomedical Engineering (when available in early 2020) and complete all the courses for it (Mechatronics students must commit to attend in person the 2nd Pro course in biomedical design on top of their regular course load). Are you willing to make this commitment?
  5. Send your CV, unofficial transcript, and letter of interest answering the questions above to Debbie.Munro@Canterbury.ac.nz by 5pm 20 September 2019.

Selections will be made by 4 October 2019 by a panel made up of faculty, staff, two UC BIOMED executive members, and our partners (i.e. Fisher&Paykel and Take My Hands). 

The UC BIOMED club has a new shipping container workshop and headquarters at 24 Kirkwood Avenue that will serve as our campus training facility, and we’ll be painting it with mural designs over the next couple of weeks.

A workshop training schedule will be posted shortly. This training is open to all, even those not interested in going to the Pacific Islands.

In addition to your application materials, we will be looking for demonstrated enthusiasm based on participation in club activities and training workshops.

It’s not too late to have your say

UC would like feedback from some current students (200 level up to taught masters). Your feedback will help us improve the student experience at UC. 

Check your UClive email to see if you were selected to take part in the survey, look for a message with the subject line “Tell us what you think about UC and be in to win” (sent on 5 August and 13 August).

The survey should only take about 15 minutes, and if you complete  it by midnight Sunday 25 August you will  go in the draw to win one of three Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speakers.

Survey responses will remain confidential. If you have any questions please email the survey coordinator, James Maguire at  surveys@canterbury.ac.nz 

UC Sustainability Champion: Meet Mikaila

Mikaila Ceelen-Thomas | Masters in Commerce, Green Marketing Guru and Eco Volunteer

This year, we’re proud to be profiling students and staff who we believe are contributing to the culture of sustainability at UC. We are running this campaign in the lead up to the 2019 UC Sustainability Awards, so get thinking about who you’ll be nominating this year! Nominations for the Awards are open from the 5 – 31 August.

In the meantime, read on and enjoy our next Sustainability Champion profile from the wonderful Mikaila – our social media superstar, ray of sunshine and Eco Volunteer (all while studying towards her Masters in Commerce). You might even recognise her from the latest issue of Canta – fittingly, it’s the Environment Issue!Mikaila zooming on her bike in the latest issue of Canta (photo credit: Java Katzur)

Tell us about yourself!

I am currently doing an MCOM Majoring in Marketing, my focus mainly on over consumption and why people choose to consume less / follow a sustainable lifestyle. Marketing for me is the gateway to reduce environmental impacts in the workplace and society – raising awareness about green marketing and leading by example. A fun fact about myself I love marmite on ice cream (don’t knock it till you try it).

Tell us how you become involved with sustainability at UC.

 After coming home from my exchange in the Netherlands I realised the huge passion I had for the environment and ensuring we maintain our relationship with mother nature. When coming back to UC I sought out for sustainability focused clubs and the got in touch with the Sustainability Office. I found some pretty awesome clubs in relation to making a difference and getting involved, and joining the Eco Volunteer team was a great move, allowing me to meet and hang out with like minded people at sustainability events on campus. I also gained a better understanding of my personal relationship with sustainability and where I fit in. The UC Sustainability team played a big role in helping me get more involved – now I work with Chloe from the Sustainability Office on social media and communications to promote sustainability events we have around campus. Helping get the message out and showing students how to get more involved with sustainability is key to increase engagement for students both on campus and in their personal lives.

Mik 1
Mikaila (right) at UC Sustainability’s Rethink Your Wardrobe Clothes Swap event earlier this year, where she coordinated the social media coverage.














What has been a sustainability project that has meant a lot to you?

One area for me would be combining sustainability and engagement through social media. My main focus is communicating with students and staff the work we are doing around campus and our upcoming events. Ensuring that students are aware of the cool events we put on such as our Bike Breakfast or Zero Waste Workshops and then sharing a snippet of the action through blog posts, Instagram takeovers and Facebook. It’s so exciting to see all the people who come along to the events, and you can see this is often the start of something bigger for them. For example, we had 100 students come along to our Plastic Free July workshop! Right now I’m helping Chloe run some really cool giveaways over social media for Plastic Free July and Fairtrade Fortnight, and boy do students love giveaways!! It’s been really cool seeing students tag in their friends and flatmates in the competitions, and watching how excited people are getting about winning eco products like reusable straws and beeswax wraps is so cool!

I’m also a major contributor to the latest edition of Canta, which is the Environmental / Sustainability Issue (find me in Flat Famous – wohoo!!), and I’m doing some Plastic Free July blogging for the Sustainability Office on campus this week, so watch this space!

Mikaila with the pile of eco giveaways for Plastic Free July and Fairtrade Fortnight, where she has been coordinating the content for social media giveaways and competitions

What is something that has made you feel really proud and a part of UC?

How UC is continuously striving to become more sustainable, little things such as the Cup Library in both the Eng Core and the Undercroft are big for me. Since being a fresher at UC I have seen some pretty cool developments and become much more aware of how sustainable our campus is. Who knew we have plenty of fruit trees on campus? Also how the UCSA’s Tea Party and other events have switched from plastic disposable cups to reusable ones – and not to forget our beautiful community garden – it makes me proud to be a student at UC.

Mikaila (bottom left) and her flatmates featuring in the Environmental Issue of Canta (photo credit:  Java Katzur)

Where to next for you?

This is my final year studying (woohoo), after finishing my thesis I shall step out into the real world and find myself a job. Ideally I will be working with a clean, green company that’s positively impacting the way we consume products. However, I would love to help guide businesses with sustainable practices, helping them grow and gain a better appreciation for our environment and why we need to take great care of it.

This message was bought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Stay connected and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop about campus sustainability. This blog is part of our Sustainability Champions Campaign, where we profile UC students and staff doing great things for sustainability. This is part of our wider communications plan for the 2019 UC Sustainability Awards. For more information, and for the Awards nomination form, see our website.