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UC Sustainability Champion: Meet Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Peters | Masters in Marketing, Plastic Free Blogger and Eco VolunteerThis year, we’re proud to be profiling students and staff who we believe are contributing to the culture of sustainability at UC. We are running this campaign in the lead up to the 2019 UC Sustainability Awards, so get thinking about who you’ll be nominating this year! Nominations for the Awards are open from the 5 – 31 August.

In the meantime, read on and enjoy our latest Sustainability Champion profile from plastic free blogger Elizabeth – and just in time for Plastic Free July!

29871827_10155490801062336_7562871590863254003_oElizabeth making a ‘plastic free promise’ during Plastic Free July 2018

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Elizabeth, I grew up in Christchurch. I did my undergraduate at University of Canterbury in Marketing and Management and I am currently doing my Master’s in Marketing on the topic of non-profit advertising. I spent my later years of my childhood growing up in the country and love being in nature. I now flat in town and love biking through the greener areas of Christchurch that remind me of home.

Tell us how you became involved with sustainability at UC.

I started coming along to a few events throughout my undergraduate studies, but it wasn’t until this last year that I got involved with the UC Sustainability Office and started helping more.  I love the work that the sustainability team is doing and wanted to be a part of it which I do through Eco Volunteering.

What has been a sustainability project that has meant a lot to you?

For an assignment at university we were set with a challenge to change a behavior of ours that would not only better ourselves but also the society in which we live. I chose to give up plastic. I began with the broad goal to give up all plastics… However, it was not until I started recording my plastic consumption that it started to dawn on me how pervasive plastic was in my life! Since I began this journey in 2017, I have learnt and continue to learn about the problem, and various ways in which I can be a part of the solution. I have learnt through personal experience and from the experience and research of others. Over the summer I started a blog called Glasshouse Refillery to share my journey. I also share some of my regular rhythms to living a more sustainable lifestyle on my Instagram and Facebook page – if you’re interested you can find me here: @glasshouserefillery.

I’m also volunteering my time (and my sewing machine!) at the Sustainability Office’s Plastic Free July workshop on Tuesday. Drop in and learn to make (and take home) a produce bag and a beeswax wrap and take a stand against plastic pollution with us! See the Facebook event here for all the details.

What is something that has made you feel really proud and a part of UC? 

I often bike to university and leading up to UC Sustainability’s Bike Breakfast event the bike shed was so full I had to go to one on the other side of campus! While the bike shed isn’t always full (particularly in winter!), it is great to see so many students and staff choosing to cycle to university. I am also proud to be a part of UC Sustainability’s journey in their BYO cups and containers initiative (and the cup library) at the various cafes and food establishments on campus.

Where to next for you?

Though I will soon finish my studies and no longer be a student, I will continue to do my bit for this wonderful planet that we are blessed to live on. I still have a long road ahead on my sustainability journey, but I will endeavor to be an eco-advocate where my life leads me. Endeavoring to encourage others and myself to continue to make small changes that have a big impact.

This message was bought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Stay connected and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop about campus sustainability. This blog is part of our Sustainability Champions Campaign, where we profile UC students and staff doing great things for sustainability. This is part of our wider communications plan for the 2019 UC Sustainability Awards. For more information, and for the Awards nomination form, see our website.


Kevin Fernando: UCSA International Rep 2019

Kia ora and welcome to UC!

I’m Kevin and I’m the International Representative at the UCSA (University of Canterbury Students’ Association) and we are thrilled to welcome you to UC!

As an international student myself, that only stepped foot in New Zealand in the first quarter of 2017, I would have never imagined that I would be voted on as the 2019 UCSA International Representative or being on the executive of multiple clubs on campus. International student issues really resonate with me as I, too, have faced issues such as integrating with UC and New Zealand culture in my first few months at uni.

However, I can proudly say that UC is an incredibly welcoming institution and there is a place for everyone. The number of opportunities in the form of UCSA events, weekly societies’ events and others really contribute to give you the platform to make your University experience one to remember; they certainly made mine memorable so far!

Possibly the most anticipated event of 2019 will be the launch of the new UCSA building. I am most looking forward to seeing our student body engaging with the building and witnessing all the new and improved events unfold! The new Foundry bar, Bentley’s, and the 1000-person capacity auditorium?! Music to my ears.

My one tip for you all would be to make the most out of the opportunities that are present during your Uni life, you will certainly not regret it. Wishing all of you the best for the year ahead!

Kevin Fernando

UCSA International Rep

The Great Kiwi Bake Off – Engineer student Larissa Wilson

Mechanical engineering student, Larissa, is a passionate baker, fuelled by her interest in the science of baking, Larissa learnt to bake from her mum but decided to go solo at a young age, baking muffins while her mum took a nap.  The least experienced baker to enter the tent, Larissa is not a stranger to a few kitchen calamities.  

Why did you apply for The Great Kiwi Bake Off?

The Great British Bake Off is one of my favourite television shows and lately I had dreamed of moving to Britain and applying for it.  When a Kiwi version came along I was so excited – it was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore.   I never thought I’d actually gt on the show, but I knew I had to try.  I would love to turn baking into a part of my career (even though I’m nearly ¾ of the way through a mechanical engineering degree) so I had to jump at a chance to show NZ that I am capable of baking some pretty cool things.

How would you describe your baking style?

At home, I’d say I’m quite tidy and accurate, but as it turns out when I get in front of a camera I’m actually a little disastrous both at keeping tidy and at avoiding calamity.

What do you think are your strengths in the kitchen?

I think I’m good at recovering from disasters.  Which is an important skill to have if you’re also prone to having a lot of disasters.  I also think I’m good at not panicking too much if things aren’t going well.

What has been your biggest baking disaster?

I dropped a whole vegan ‘beef wellington’ on the floor last Christmas eve.  It slid right off the tray as I was getting it out of the oven.  It was meant to be my sisters Christmas lunch and actually still was because we just ate it anyway.  It’s funny now but it was not so funny at the time.

If you were a baked item, what would you be and why?

I’d be the chicken tikka pie I made on the show.  Very mess, quite colourful, but nice on the inside.

What would winning The Great Kiwi Bake Off mean to you?

Winning The Great Kiwi Bake Off would be incredible.  I love baking so much and to have it confirmed by professionals that I actually know what I’m doing would be unbelievably cool.  Winning the show would also give me a confidence boost in terms of trying to pursue a career in baking.