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Indonesian students affected by the earthquake and tsunami warnings

We are contacting current and prospective Indonesian students as a response to the earthquake which hit Indonesia 02/03/16.

Our thoughts are with you as reports are emerging about the impact of the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami warnings which followed. We realise that you may have loved ones or people that you are concerned about at this time.

If these events are causing you concern or distress or affecting your studies in any way, we encourage you to talk to those around you in either your accommodation, college, school or department and know that there are a dedicated team of support, development and Health Care services accessible here on campus.

When events such as an earthquake occur it can be a challenge to check on the safety and welfare of family members and loved ones in the worst affected areas. Please let us know if you have been unable to reach loved ones and we can work with the Red Cross to assist or make contact directly yourself. The Red Cross has a people finding service called Family links which can assist with getting information from people responding to the situation on the ground.  Email: familylinks@redcross.org.nz, or call 04 494 1312 or 027 846 5363 and you will be assisted to register your enquiry.

Another practical way we can assist is by helping you to phone home. Please come to our offices on Level 2 of Puaka-James Hight (Central Library) and you would be welcome to try to call out from here.

Please feel free to make contact with the Student Development Team if you have been affected by these events or just drop in for a drink and a chat.

Other support services on campus

Please remember you do not have to deal with things on your own, we are here to assist.

Craig Forman

On behalf of the Student Development Team