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Autumn in UC’s Community Gardens

UC has two community gardens on campus: Okeover (off Engineering road) and Dovedale. Every few months Jane Aistrope, UC’s community gardens coordinator, provides an update on what’s been happening.

Gardener thank you

IMG_1725 smIn May, we held a pizza dinner for the gardeners to celebrate the food, community and the epic season we have had at the gardens. With such a huge make-over, it’s been quite a feat to have continued growing and harvesting of so much food.

We had Okeover Pesto as the pizza sauce, using our own basil, hazelnuts and garlic. We also roasted Dovedale Crown Pumpkin to go with chilli, greens and herbs. Sometimes being a community gardener means being spoiled with bounty!

Awesome Autumn

IMG_1712We certainly had a long Autumn, allowing for late sowings of mesclun, spinach and herbs, and many lovely sunny afternoons out!

Unfortunately the  warm days have caused our brussels sprouts to blow (loose sprouts which are more like flowers) and some of our lovely leeks have gone to seed early. Now we have garlic shoots just poking through and the broad beans are all up and growing well. We continue to sustain our crops with liquid fertilizers made from worm rum, comfrey and nettles.

Winter in the garden is a good time to reconfigure garden beds, prune fruit trees, sharpen tools, tidy the shed, plan for spring and read gardening books! We’ve already done a lot to finish off mulching the paths but we certainly have more reconfiguring to do in the orchard, starting with a new hugelkultur mound. This pruning and mulching will occupy us until spring sowing begins.

Student sculpture exhibition

IMG_1859We are excited to be hosting another sculpture exhibition at the end of term 3. UC sculpture students will have the opportunity to create works for outdoor public spaces and consider wider social and political issues around sustainability. Keep an eye out for this exhibition as it really brings another layer of interest and vitality to the garden.

For other information about the community gardens, check here. For information on becoming a volunteer and attending working bees on Monday (2-4) and Friday (1-4), check here. The community gardens also have a dedicated Facebook page.

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Connect with us through Facebook or Instagram. Or email us: sustainability@canterbury.ac.nz

Student volunteers required for travel survey

Travel Plan folders.indd

The UC Travel Survey is coming up on 12 July. The Travel Survey only happens once every four years and informs UC’s long term travel planning, so it’s important that everyone’s voice is heard.

The Sustainability Office could do with a little help in bringing this to everyone’s attention on campus.

We need assistance with:
• putting up posters around campus (afternoon of 11  July)
• doing some chalking around campus (afternoon of 11 July) – weather permitting
• handing out fliers (lunchtime 12 July)

Each of these events will only take 1-2 hours. If you can help out, we’d love to hear from you. In return for your efforts, we will give you an eco gift-pack. Thank you!

Contact matt.morris@canterbury.ac.nz or call 03 364 3495 for more details.

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office.

Connect with us through Facebook or Instagram. Or email us at sustainability@canterbury.ac.nz

Can’t find your way? Have your say!

Remember your first day at UC? Was it easy to find your way around, or did you feel like you were in a maze? Were the signs around campus helpful?

We’re looking for student volunteers to give input into a signage and wayfinding project to improve navigation around UC. All participants will receive a $35 voucher to use on food at any UCSA outlet.

Our design consultants would like to talk to a group of students for around an hour on Thursday 2 June, 4 – 5pm. This will likely be via Skype/teleconference, venue to be confirmed.

If you can help please contact Alan Palmer, Project Manager – alan.palmer@canterbury.ac.nz