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Exams – it’s not perfection, it’s progression

Pasifika student Ailine Kei shares on the feels and the reals when it comes to studying for exams.

Exams and tests period are getting closer. BREATHE. You can do it.

Lucky for me, I have no exams (sorry)! However, for many, you do, especially our first year students. Maybe my story can help you out.

My first year was definitely a struggle. It was all new and I met a lot of people. But many of the people I spent time with were not contributing to my studies – long-term.

I was not prepared for exams, so I decided that I needed to have time where I separated social time and study time. Leading up to an exam, the importance of prioritising can really pay off.

It is very easy to fall into a long term relationship with our friend, procrastination, but doing things bit by bit can make a huge difference.

For me, because I can get distracted easily, I devote a solid hour of studying and then a 20 minute break.

Plus, having your phone away from you helps.

Equally, if you are like me and cannot process information fast, give yourself the time to process the information and prepare in advance; have a separate time focusing on just exam preparation.

“Time will not be your best friend at times but I was reminded by a close family friend that this journey is not perfection but progression.”

If there are a few things that exam prep has taught me, they are:

  • Give yourself time to prepare, a spare half an hour every study session that focuses on the exam
  • Take care of yourself! Have a break AND Breathe!
  • Believe in yourself – love yourself and be intentional about allocated study times
  • Surround yourself with others who are on the same journey as you and that continues to uplift and affirm you in your studies – that contributes hugely to your wellbeing.


Library website changes

The Library website is being updated. The change takes place on Tuesday 19 September.  There may be some pages which are temporarily unavailable from 7am onwards but work on the site should be completed by midday.

The following services will NOT be affected and will remain available:

AskLive: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/library/support/asklive-online-chat/

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MultiSearch: http://canterbury.summon.serialssolutions.com/search

Subject guides: http://canterbury.libguides.com/

All databases, ebooks and journals will be accessible throughout.

Work on the Library website is to migrate the content to the new UC content management system and will provide an improved look and feel. Feedback on the new website is welcomed.  Please send your comments to Helen Thomas helen.thomas@canterbury.ac.nz or use our feedback/contacts form: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/library/contact-us/

Need a break from study? Make a walking poster

Study getting a bit intense? Forgotten what fresh air smells like? Do you squint each time you head outdoors into natural light?

Take five minutes to generate your own walking poster, another awesome All Right? initiative.

What about making this a habit for your ‘Habit Stick’? Read about the three R’s of habit formation (reminder- routine – reward) here .

Here’s one I created – which shows I can get from the University to  Riccarton Bush pretty quickly. The same for Bush Inn. Googling a distance calculator made it super easy.

example of generating walking poster