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Procrastination Station

Don’t lie to me. We both know that you are currently reading this to procrastinate from your study. It’s okay I may have been writing this to procrastinate from mine…

So now that we both know about your procrastination habits, I’m going to tell you how to procrastinate better.

9 magical sites that you can visit should your mind begin to wander from the books:

  1. Facebook, your old friend.
    For: the stalkers
    The best thing about Facebook during times of heavy study and exam prep is that you can use it to talk to other people about how much they also aren’t studying, therefore making you feel better about your own lack of study! Genius.
  2. Buzzfeed
    For: everyone
    My personal favourite procrastination website. There are funny stories, videos, pictures and gifs. I could be stuck on here all day!
  3. Eel slap
    For: the easily amused
    You literally get to slap a man with an eel across his face. What more could you want really?
  4. Do nothing for 2 minutes
    For: the stressed
    This is perfect for those who really need to chill out. Listen to some waves while you do exactly nothing for 2 minutes. If you move your mouse or touch the keyboard you fail!
  5. Well dressed animals
    For: animal lovers and fashionistas
    Animals are cute right? What about animals in clothing? You know you wanna see it.
  6. Find the invisible cow
    For: all
    As the shouting gets louder you are getting closer to the cow. Click when you think you’ve found it. So simple, yet so amusing. You’ll thank me later!
  7. Daily Compliment
    For: the sad
    This website is perfect if you’re feeling a bit down and need a quick pick me up! Bookmark the page during study week so you’ll get a little bit of sunshine every morning before you start your day.
  8. Stumble upon
    For: lazy procastinators
    Basically you sign up and make an account letting them know what you are interested in, such as: baking, science, art, food, reading, psychology etc. Then Stumbleupon will direct interesting links to you based on your choices. Procastination at your fingertips!
  9. Youtube
    For: those who just want to zone out
    Use this website with caution. You’re never to far away from the ‘weird side of Youtube’… you know what I’m talking about. Some things just can’t be unseen.

 Happy procrastinating! 

UC Student heading to Antartica after winning Sir Peter Blake prize

Angus Watson





Angus Watson, a UC graduate of Honours in Mechatronics Engineering has recently been awarded a Sir Peter Blake youth ambassador scholarship. Watson will use his scholarship to allow him to live in Antartica for six weeks later in the year which will provide him with the optimum opportunity to collate energy data important to the future of the frozen continent.  This is not the first scholarship that Watson has been awarded due to his interesting field of study and his qualifications.  Watson said of his research “I can’t wait to get down there. I live and breathe adventure. My passion for pushing the boundaries, while protecting our beautiful planet, is what has driven me to pursue a career dedicated to developing sustainable energy systems”. Read more here