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Free Breakfast for Cyclists: BYO Cup!

It’s the event worth getting out of bed (and onto your bike) for… the Bike Breakfast is back next Monday 23 March from 8am – 10am at the Beatrice Tinsley Bike Park!This year your reward for biking to UC is coming in the form of vegan danishes, banana smoothies and fair trade coffee… and it’s all for FREE! All you need to do is ride to UC, park up your bike in the snazzy new bike stands (or, show us your helmet if you parked up elsewhere) and we’ll reward you with breakfast on us.

Please note: There will be no single use cups at this event and the Cup Library won’t be available so please bring along your own coffee cup. UC is following advice from WHO and Ministry of Health regarding all upcoming events, read more>

What else can you expect?

On the spot bike repairs thanks to Dr Bike, cycling chat and information about the city cycleways thanks to the wonderful Anne from the Christchurch City Council, and more cycling banter than you’ve ever seen before…

Did we mention there’s FREE breakfast on the line?!

See you, your bikes and your coffee cups next Monday 23 March in Beatrice Tinsley Bike Park.

For more information, see the Facebook event here.

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Sustainable Students Blog: Refill not Landfill

Ever seen an image like the one below and gotten mad eco-anxiety?

Ever wondered how you can reduce your own waste (to avoid images like above) but don’t know where to start?

This new series of blogs written by uni students for uni students will tackle this issue, to make being an eco-warrior easier, cheaper, and less time-consuming!


We all know that drinking water is ESSENTIAL to our health, particularly concentration while in lectures or smashing out those assignments. And with images of plastic bottles washing up on our beaches, we know it’s time to STOP being a part of this problem.

We reckon the easiest way to start off your eco-warrior journey is to bring your own bottle to uni, and be a part of the Refill not Landfill movement!

Benefits: save so much money (how expensive is bottled water to buy though), stay hydrated, save the world, feel like a super hero… the list goes on.

Use: any bottle you already own and keep reusing it! Make sure you clean it regularly and if it’s a bit manky, chuck a few grains of uncooked rice in the bottle with a tiny bit of water and shake around – it’s pretty magic at removing the scungy bits.

How: You’ll be surprised at how many water fountains and refill stations we have on our campus! In fact, UC Sustainability is teaming up with RefillNZ to bring you some snazzy posters showing exactly where to find them, so you’re never caught dehydrated (or having to use a single use bottle) again!



Challenge yourself this month to bring your drink bottle every day, everywhere you go.

Keep an eye for our next sustainable student bog, for more tips on how to be a super savvy eco-warrior!

Written by Helena Ruffell, see more of her sustainable student life hacks on Instagram: @eatsleepsustain

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Wanted: Sustainability Social Media Contributors!


Consider yourself a bit of a sustainable student? One who is also pretty handy on a phone and keen to share their tips and tricks? The Sustainability Office is on the look-out for volunteer student contributors for their social media channels for 2020, and we’d love to hear from you!

We need some sustainability superstars who are keen to get involved with us, and contribute to regular blogs, pieces in CANTA, and posts on our social media channels. We’re on the lookout for 3 – 4 creative and passionate students to work alongside us throughout the year, and help us engage with our community about the sustainability issues of today.

Sound like a bit of you? Flick our Engagement Coordinator Chloe an email on chloe.wium@canterbury.ac.nz, or slide into our DMs on @ucsustain with a bit of info about yourself, and what your sustainability passions are. We can work together to create a cool communications project – so get in touch.

This work will be eligible for your Co-Curricular Record (and will look epic on your CV!)

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Stay connected and follow us on FacebookInstagram or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop about campus sustainability.