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Introducing the Sustainability Office

ENGS4379_Mailchimp_BNR (2)Did you know that UC has a Sustainability Office? We (that is: Katie, Jane, Matt and myself, Puck) are an on-campus hub for individuals and groups who are interested in creating positive change and promote sustainable practices within the University of Canterbury and in the wider community.

We organise events (Ecoweek is coming up soon with lots of sustainability focused events), communicate pathways for change, and support a network of individuals and working groups across campus and in the wider community.

Our whole team’s pretty passionate about sustainability. Katie coordinates the big sustainability projects throughout UC, Jane looks after the Community Gardens at UC (with a group of students!), Matt is forever finding more and better ways to look after cyclists and handle waste (think worms and composting!), and I look after the communication side of things.
Curious about what we have gotten up to lately? Have a look at this wee video! Wanna get in touch or stay up to date? You can find us on Facebook or on our website – you can also sign up to our newsletter through our Facebook page (just click the sign up button).