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UC ME – a new, exciting look for 2017


On Monday 1 May, the new look UC Me campaign and website will be launched. We continue to use UC students but have given them the opportunity to be not just a portrait, but to have a voice and to share that with the world by wearing their messages on white tee shirts.

We will have a strong outdoor presence in bus stops (Adshels) throughout New Zealand, billboards, bus backs and street posters as well as strong online activity and a presence on radio. The website will be launched on Monday morning featuring all 26 UC Me students and their inspiring stories. You will find the campaign via the UC website homepage.


Thailand Internship Programme – Apply for 2018 now

Applications are now open for the 2018 Thailand Internship Programme! If you are an undergraduate student studying at UC and interested in spending six weeks in vibrant Bangkok in Thailand follow this link for the application details and more information.

The Thailand Internship Programme is a six week programme for 14 UC students to intern in Bangkok and immerse themselves in Thai culture. There are many internship opportunities available in Bangkok, you will be placed with organisations or groups based on your interests and area of study if possible.


I was selected in the 2017 Internship Programme and have returned to UC with a unique insight into a new culture because of the range of incredible experiences I was given in Bangkok. Not only do you intern for six weeks and gain work experience in a particular field, the trip also consists of a number of weekend and day trips in and around Bangkok to give you the opportunity to understand Thai culture and respect their values and traditions.


A particular highlight for me was visiting an Elephant Sanctuary in the Kanchaburi Province where we spent the day learning about elephants and helping look after the sick, retired elephants who lived at the sanctuary. Other highlights included spending a weekend at a local fisherman’s village where we were shown traditional fishing techniques and having a Thai boxing lesson with a previous Thai boxing champion.


This was an experience I believe has shaped my future and inspired me to continue working towards my degree at UC. I would highly recommend applying for this internship and taking the opportunity to understand what it is like to work in an international and multicultural environment.

Written by Ashley Stuart

How service benefits us

The notion that service is “good” is so often bandied around but how does the act of service actually benefit us? From my personal experience with volunteering, particularly with the Student Volunteer Army (SVA), I have seen how service can bring different cultures, ages and social groups together on an equal platform to do something great, but the benefits reach far beyond this.  Service opens up connections between all those involved and helps to create a sense of belonging for those participants, something that is much needed in this rapidly expanding world. In my opinion, service is so valuable because of the way that it enables community members to interact with other members that they would not even cross paths with otherwise and creates social ties that engender stronger communities that are more resilient and powerful.

A perfect demonstration of this is the national event, Serve for New Zealand (SFNZ), which will take place this coming ANZAC Day. SFNZ was launched last year and is the SVA’s legacy project; something significant we can leave behind that embodies the values of our club. It is a day where we, in conjunction with the RSA, encourage New Zealanders to perform a few hours of service on this national holiday to recognize the achievements and sacrifices of our soldiers. It aims to bring people together by getting them out in the community. This year the SVA will be running a clean up project in the North Beach area to prepare a site for planting. We will be working with the Christchurch City Council Park Rangers and will be encouraging participation from all walks of life to join together and assist this part of the community. It is one example of how service can be so beneficial by creating and drawing on community connections and encouraging resilience.

Written by Kestrel Ritchie