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photoThe UC Libraries have a range of resources available for students during exam time. These include online access to past exam papers, books on study and exam skills/techniques, group and individual study spaces, chill out zones and recreational reading (for when you need a break from study).

Past exam papers: check out the Library website to see if your course has past exam papers available online. These can be useful as part of your study, as often exam questions are similar from year to year. Click here to find out more.

Books on study and exam skills/techniques: if you are looking for books to help improve your study or exam skills, check out the Library Catalogue or MultiSearch for a range of useful resources. Click here to see some of the resources we have available.

pDifferent types of study spaces: the UC Libraries have a range of different study spaces available to suit your study needs. Whether you want to study in a group, or on your own, we have your needs covered. We have discussion rooms that can be booked online, group study spaces with large tables so you can study with your friends and silent zones for quiet individual study.

Areas to relax: each of the UC Libraries has spaces where you can chill out, relax and take a break from studying. We have comfy chairs and couches in our libraries, as well as beanbags in the Central Library.

Fiction books: the UC Libraries have a wide range of fiction books available for when you need to take a break from study. Each library has its own collection, including detective fiction (Central), science fiction (EPS), contemporary/historical fiction (Central), young adult/junior fiction (Education) and Maori/Pacific fiction (Macmillan Brown). So whatever you feel like escaping into, we have you covered. Click here to find out more…

Other activities run by UC Libraries during exam time include complementary tea/coffee, lolly giveaways and free colouring pages for relaxation.

Library 101 Workshops

Library 101 workshops for term 2 are now available to book into on the Library website: http://canterbury.libcal.com

Creative Commons

Creative commons provide a robust legal framework for sharing and protecting your work.  This talk covers the basics of applying the licences and the background behind them.  You will be able to understand how to use Creative Commons licensed material for your own work.

Science Journals

A workshop targeted at science students that looks at how to identify the best journals for your topic. Journals are rated according to their impact and we will show you how you can find this out.

Using Art, Archives and Photos

This workshop looks how you can use primary sources in your assignments including the Library’s Art, Archives and Photographic collections. You will get to meet the Library Archivist and UC Art Curator and become familiar with how to handle and make use of unique items.

Google Scholar

This workshop will help you to use Google Scholar more effectively to find scholarly articles.  You will learn about using advanced search, cited references, setting up alerts, accessing fulltext and creating and saving citations.

APA Referencing

Four invaluable APA referencing classes are on offer for:

  • Commerce Students
  •  Education Students
  • Engineering Students
  • Science Students

Visit http://canterbury.libcal.com for more information.

Canterbury’s History Exhibition

Some of the earliest maps and plans of Canterbury will be on show in Central Library until mid-May in an exhibition that explores land ownership in the region from the 1850s to early 20th century. While the library holds hundreds of maps that have been produced over the last 150 odd years, the select few on display can tell us quite a bit about what Canterbury looked like in these early days of settlement.

Take a look if you are strolling through the library, especially at the Balmoral Run Plan, we know only very little about this treasure…Balmoral Run - close up 2a

More information here >