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2018 Group Fitness Challenge – win a free entry

It’s back, better and bigger than before! Are you ready to accept the 2018 helloworld Group Fitness Challenge, on your path to wellness?

What is it?
Your goal is to attend 100 group fitness classes at the UC RecCentre in 8 months (or 217 days to be exact, if you sign up from the get go).   If you haven’t done the math already, it’s 3-4 classes per week, a nice healthy amount of exercise to keep you happy and healthy. We have separate prize categories for those reaching 100 classes and for those reaching 50-100 classes.  There are plenty of spot prizes along the way too, as well as encouragement and rewards for attaining milestones.  In all, we have $1000 in travel vouchers from helloworld Fendalton, and a further $500+ in spot prizes along the way. 

What’s the investment?
Can you really put a price on your health and wellbeing?  Yes, yes you can.  For the tiny sum of $15 (or $10 for earlybird sign ups), you get a wee training booklet to collect your stamps each time you attend a class, and within that booklet around $25 worth of discounts and freebies.

How do I sign up?
Glad you asked. You’ll need to visit the RecCentre and sign up at the counter.  We’ll have a short registration form for you to fill in, you’ll need to give us your monies, and then we’ll issue you your class training diary.  We’ll start taking registrations from Thursday 15 March, and bonus, if you sign up between 15 March and Sunday 18 March, you can get yours for just $10! The challenge starts on Monday 19 March… keep your booklet in your gym bag and collect those stamps at every class.

Win a free entry!
We’re giving you loads of ways to win your registration for free.  First up, attend our Zumba Masterclass on Thursday 15 March at 6.10pm.  We’re giving away five free registrations on the night.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Zumba master, as they say, there are no mistakes in Zumba, just accidental solos! We’ll also be selecting two lucky people who register before Monday 19 March to win their registration back. Make sure you follow our facebook page as well, because we’ll be sure to give some away there too…

For more information, check out our website, we have a whole page dedicated to the 2018 helloworld Group Fitness Challenge (or you can ask our instructors and reception team).

See you soon at the RecCentre.

Support services are for postgrad students too

Not many postgrad students know about every single service they have access to at UC. So I’m here to share a few goodies with you to help you on your journey.

I promise this is all really useful and even if you don’t read it all, take note of these services. These services will be highly useful to you at different points in your postgrad journey and absolutely worthwhile taking advantage of.

Academic Skills Centre (ASC): This is probably the top of my list of recommendations for all students. I stress it to all the undergrads I tutor, but the service is also just as relevant to postgrad students. Remember you don’t have to be struggling to get academic skill support. The Centre can help you improve and explore new methods of learning, teaching, researching and writing. Some of the great postgrad specific courses include those on: EndNote, nVivo, critical reading and note taking, applying for ethics, oral presentations, proposal writing, literature reviews, your thesis and much more! Aside from the courses, ASC also do one-on-one consultations where you can sit down with a learning advisor for up to 40 minutes, and cover any question or questions related to writing, critical thinking or study.
Pro tip: ASC has really nice FREE yearly wall planners. Take advantage of that too!

UCSA Advocacy and Welfare: The UCSA has a dedicated advocacy and welfare team on site to help you with a range of issues. The Student Advocate’s role is to give you advice, explain or outline your options, and also help you navigate the university system.  The Student Advocate is able to assist you with a number of matters here at UC, such as, academic appeals, grievances, complaints and concerns, special consideration applications or late withdrawals, dispute resolution, and disciplinary issues.
Pro tip: The Student Advocate is able to act on behalf of you. They are an employee of the UCSA, which is independent of the Uni.

Many of you may not be aware that the team offers heavily subsidised dental and optometry schemes too. Head into the UCSA office in the Undercroft or go online to find out more about these!

RecCentre and Health Centre: Nothing is more important than maintaining a good level of physical and mental wellbeing. Get out of the office or lab and do something physical. The RecCentre is free to sign up to, and Health Centre appointments are also free for postgrad students who have enroled. Remember, health is wealth! Your study and thesis writing will fall into place easier if you’re healthy and focussed. The Health Centre offers free counselling if you’re struggling with mental health issues, or even just having a bad week. I can’t stress enough how important it is to reach out and use these support services if you’re in need.

Student Care: The Student Care team are the loveliest people on this planet! No, honestly, they are so friendly and approachable I cannot highly enough of what they do. Student Care is a team of professional advisors to help you settle in and gain a sense of belonging in the UC community. They can act as your support team throughout your postgrad journey so you can gain confidence and reach your potential.

Clubs: It’s important to have interests outside your postgrad studies, and luckily UC has a thriving club scene. There’s well over 100 clubs now and they cover almost every faculty, hobby or interest you could think of! Hit up the UCSA Clubs page to find clubs that interest you, and if you managed to sign up to clubs already at clubs days, get involved with their events! It’s the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and make friends!
Pro tip: Did you know we have a dedicated postgrad club? Check out PGSA on Facebook and sign up for free on the website.

There is lots of support on campus for postgrad students, check out  the UC support page and UCSA support page for more info.

Emma McCone
UCSA Postgrad Rep

Getting your free UC RecCentre gym membership for 2018

Kia ora!  The UC RecCentre would love to welcome you (back) to UC for 2018, and hope that you get your gym membership sorted and get over here to try out our most excellent classes and equipment.

THINGS HAVE CHANGED, but only a little…

Don’t panic, your membership is still free, but we’re in the process of upgrading our software, which means the process to activate your free membership has changed.  We’ve outlined this step-by-step to make it easy for you to sign up and use the gym to stay healthy and active.  The process is the same for ALL students, whether it’s your first year or your seventh!

  1. Finish your enrolment and obtain your student ID card
  2. New students – get your IT log on and change your password etc
  3. From 1 February head to our website reccentre.canterbury.ac.nz. Click on the big red ‘Activate here!’  button
  4. Use your IT log in and password and fill in the online form to register
  5. On your first visit to the RecCentre, bring your student ID card to our reception and one of our team will physically activate your card.
  6. Enjoy unlimited access to the RecCentre until 1 March 2019 (for full year students) or until 15 July (for Semester 1 only students).

We have iPads at our reception for you to easily sign up on the spot, or you can save time and do it from your own device at your leisure.

Remember, your student ID card is your key! We can’t issue memberships without it, as you must be fully enrolled, having paid your student levy (which funds the free membership).  

Hot tip:  You must bring your card with you for every visit, and scan to gain entry.  If you forget your card, we’ll give you two chances per semester where we will look you up on the system.  On the third time, we will charge you $11 for entry, and this will be fully refunded when you come on your next visit (within the week) and show us your card.

See you soon!
UC RecCentre Team