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How to stay awake in your lectures (without coffee)

Gus: "Studying can be so exhausting"
Gus: “Studying can be so exhausting”

This term I’ve started a bootcamp at the UC RecCentre which is proving great fun and awesome for my fitness, but not so good for my sleep patterns. I’m not accustomed to being at the gym at 7am! This has led to me feeling a bit more tired in class than usual, (especially in the afternoons) and has caused me to develop into a regular coffee drinker. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that although coffee is great for a quick energy boost, it often causes me to crash later, once its magical powers have worn off! Because of this I’ve been thinking of other methods I can use to awaken myself when I’m dozing off in class. I thought I’d let you in on a few of my top tips….

  1. Drink lots of cold water + feel like a zombie no more: By staying hydrated your body is able to send more oxygen to your brain, which causes you to feel more awake and alive! Aim to drink about eight glasses of water a day, on average. My trick is to carry my water bottle around with me wherever I go.
  2. Make sure you get some fresh air: Between lectures clear your head outside if you’re able to. Walking around a little will also engage your muscles, and stretch them out, so you’ll feel less lethargic once you sit down again.
  3. Eat energy: Don’t forget how important food is for fuelling your body, and your brain!
    -First up, prepare yourself for the day with a filling breakfast! Skipping breakfast is one of the worst things you can do, as it will severely impact your concentration and memory retention. Make sure you eat something substantial that includes either some: dairy, protein, fruit or all three!
    -Also if you can sneakily eat in your lecture then some good brain food includes: nuts, dried fruit, berries or a muesli bar.
  4. Stimulate your body’s pressure points: This is a tip that I found really interesting. Try rubbing your earlobe between your thumb and index finger to encourage blood to flow to your ears, and to your head. Another good trick is to put the inside of your wrists against something cold, metal usually does the trick eg. a bar on your desk. This really does help to keep you awake!
  5. Chew some gum: Minty fresh gum is sure to invigorate your senses! ‘Airwaves’ is a good pick as its flavour is strong enough to clear out your sinuses and refresh you. Small and repetitive movements like this do wonders for keeping you from falling asleep; tapping your foot is another good one!

Did you know you can join the UC RecCentre for free?

UC Students can stay fit and healthy for free at the UC RecCentre!

Making the time to exercise, even just 30mins a day, will help you be a better student!  Simply sign up online or visit the RecCentre with your student ID card to gain access to over 50 group fitness classes per week (including yoga, spin and pilates), cheap small group training and gym programmes, climbing wall or shoot some hoops.

If you’re no longer a first year, you will need to sign up again each year.  Graduates enjoy discounted rates too, so you can continue using the RecCentre even when your studies are over.

Visit the RecCentre website and Facebook page for more information.