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Exam hack – exercise boosts your memory and cognition

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We all know the benefits of exercise for our physical health, and we are coming round to the mental health benefits being common knowledge, how many of you are aware that exercise helps your memory and thinking skills?

Exercise helps memory and thinking through both direct and indirect means.  Directly, it has the ability to reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, and stimulate chemicals in the brain that affect the health of the brain cells. Indirectly, a good sweat sesh improves your mood and sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety – all of which can contribute to cognitive impairment (ie your ability to think clearly).  

So what kind of exercise is useful for boosting your brain power?  Well, much of the evidence points towards cardio, so getting your heart rate up for around 30mins, doing any kind of activity (even hard core procrasti-cleaning) will help fire up the brain. Recent research also suggests alternative exercise (like yoga) can also have a positive effect on cognition.  And for those who like to lift? Good news…research in 2012 showed that both aerobic and strength exercises improved executive function (higher level thinking – the stuff you do when prepping for exams).   

Ultimately, a combination of strength, cardio and yoga is likely to bring you the best rewards.  However, with time perhaps not on your side, perhaps pick activities that you enjoy the most, and re-frame them as a reward for good study efforts. You can break it up into little chunks throughout the day or hit the gym or pavement for one solid effort. You could go food foraging at UC, using this handy Edible Campus Map, getting in some fresh air, some exercise and bonus, some free food.  We also love the UC Sustainability Office’s suggestion to listen to some inspiring music or pod casts on your walk, or simply as your thinking space. We have lots of lovely walks around campus, including Okeover Stream and Ilam Gardens.  

Don’t forget, if you need some free advice, just hit up one of our Fitness Consultants on the gym floor, they’re only too happy to share their knowledge with you. Or, if you’re more of a ‘schedule it in’ kinda person, then book in for a free 15min consultation for a chat that you can lock into your diary (and view on your Membership portal) or StartMe

Good luck with your exams!

UC RecCentre

Exams and exercise – connected in so many ways

Exams are rolling around, and this brings with it a great deal of internal and external pressure to perform well. Rest assured, you are not alone in feeling the fleeting burden of exams. Fortunately, there are many techniques you can tap into to help manage your stress and optimise your study time, one of which is exercise.  

Exercise needs to be in the master plan

Exercise improves our fitness, but it can also help develop your brainpower. The theory is that as you exercise, you strengthen the connections between your brain cells, which in turn, improves your learning and memory skills. So, in theory at least, you should be better equipped to absorb information as you study. That is why when making your study schedule, be sure to schedule in some exercise breaks too.

Creativity can be boosted during and after your workout. Think back to when some of your best ideas have appeared. How many were when you were at your study desk? Chances are, you were out getting fresh air, chatting with friends and giving your brain a little break.

Finally, being active is one of the five ways to wellbeing. Staying well will keep you in a healthy frame of mind, and better equipped to handle the added stress of exam time.

During exams, your priorities will likely change, so perhaps adapt your thinking around exercise. There’s no need to keep up the marathon gym sessions! If you want to maintain your gains, then utilise the maintenance principle of exercise, and cut down your gym time for the short term.  Or if you exercise primarily for fun and social reasons, then look at choosing your favourite activities, or sport commitments, and keep those up first. Another approach might be to snack on exercise – little 1min bouts of activity throughout the day.

There is a lot of information out there, but if it’s all a bit overwhelming, then why not  book in with for a FREE 15min consultation with a fitness consultant at the RecCentre? Our staff will look over your programme (bring it with you), and help you choose a shorter, smarter exercise plan to see you through your exams.

Good luck!

UC RecCentre

Spin concession card special – win a prize pack

Now it’s even cheaper to get your spin fix at the RecCentre – we’ve got a sharp deal coming up, 10 classes for $15! Oh, and also you can enter to win a full 10 class concession card.

Did you know that you have a RecCentre account?  When you signed up to the gym, we asked you to create an account, and then ‘purchase’ a free membership.  (If you haven’t signed up you can do it here, and then pop in to see us, we’ll take your gym photo and activate your account in person).   

With your RecCentre account up and running, there are a few cool features you can already access.  Go to the Member Account log in page on our website, enter your username and password (that you used to set up your account with us, so it might not be the same as your UC one), from here you’ll be able to see what appointments and court bookings you’ve already made with us. You’ll also see how many spin classes you’ve got left to use and be able to view the group fitness timetable through your account. We recommend saving this link to your homescreen, so you can access it quickly when you need to. We’ll be rolling out more features, such as booking courts or consultants online, and will keep you updated as this happens.

So, how do you get your $15 concession card? Easy! You can purchase one (one per person) at our reception counter anytime between Monday 14 May and Sunday 27 May, 2018, and we’ll add it to your account.  Then, each time you come to spin, you simply say ‘spin please, on my account’ like a boss, and we’ll take care of it.    How can you win a prize pack containing 1x Spin Concession Card and a snazzy RecCentre  water bottle?  Simply purchase a concession card during our promotion period and you’re automatically in the draw!  We’ll select two winners on 28 May and notify you via your nominated email account so make sure you’ve got the correct one attached to your account!

See you soon,
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