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UC Student Blogger | Looking ahead – UC Summer School

With less than a week left in the semester it is time to start thinking about summer plans. Have you considered enrolling in Summer School at UC?

UC offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and preparatory courses in many different subjects so no matter what you are studying there will be a course for you!

I’ve done Summer School twice. My perception of Summer School before I did it was that it was only for people to catch up by the next year if they had failed a course. This however is a myth. UC Summer School actually offers many more benefits and students are enrolled in classes for many different reasons.

I myself decided to do papers during the summer so I could complete my degree in two and a half years rather than three. Other people wanted to take summer papers so they did not have to take as many papers during the year. Spreading out the workload like this means the semester is not so stressful and students can focus more time on their papers or even work more.

It is important to relax and recharge over the summer to get ready for the next academic year but Summer School offers a good study and holiday balance. Courses start in either November or January. Longer courses break over Christmas and New Year but many courses only run for a few weeks either before or after Christmas. This means you can have a break, work and save some money, and take an extra course or two.

For my summer school courses there was not too much class time and students were encouraged to prepare at home. Because I only had class two or three mornings a week I was still able to work more hours than during semester. A bonus which I hadn’t considered was because I was studying my student allowance carried on over the summer. This meant I actually saved more money than I would have if I had just been working full time!

Summer school also allowed me to focus solely on papers I knew I would find challenging. I chose to do the dreaded STAT101 in summer. I know I got a much higher grade than I would have during the semester if I also had to study for three other papers.  

To find out more about Summer School or to view the courses on offer visit https://www.canterbury.ac.nz/get-started/summer-school/.

UC Student Blogger | Mental and physical wellbeing tips during the exam season

Believe it or not, we’re now in October which means that we’re creeping closer towards exam season. I know I’m not the only student who reaches this stage of the semester and forgets about anything outside of getting those last assignments in and studying for exams.

However, during exam season it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re looking after yourself mentally and physically so you’re feeling your best in this stressful time (and not like your brain is about to explode). Not fitting in the little things that improve your life around your study schedule means you run the risk of burning out. So, here’s a few suggestions to help you find that balance, so you can have a super productive and healthy exam season.

Remember to give your brain a break

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt guilty for taking a break because I definitely have. As hard as it can be sometimes to take a break, giving your brain rest is SO important for your wellbeing. The Wellbeing Hub has some great advice and can support your needs from helping to support your study, mental wellbeing, health and fitness as well as all of the great support services on offer to students.

Fit in the things that help you relax

Getting your eyes away from your lecture notes and textbooks and doing something you love during the exam season is so beneficial. This could be anything from playing sport, doing yoga, going for a walk or making the most of the UC RecCentre which is free for UC students and has something for everyone. Hanging out with your mates, reading a book for fun or maybe even just catching up on a bit of sleep can be hugely helpful as well.

Look out for your mates

Your friends are probably feeling the stress of exam season just as much as you are so make sure they’re doing okay. Resources like Student Care are always there if you or a friend are struggling and want to talk to someone that can help.

UC Student Blogger | Accessing Library Resources and Support

We’re spoiled for choice with the library selection on campus which include the Puaka-James Hight Central Library (open from 8am-11pm), the Macmillan Brown Library (open from 8:30am-9pm) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Library (open from 8am-9pm) .  All libraries have access to students with limited mobility.

Everyone is probably familiar with the Puaka-James Hight Central Library as it can feel like a home away from home at times – especially when you have to step your studying up a level or it’s exam season. But the other two libraries have so much to offer as well!

All three libraries have physical and digital collections which can be accessed through the online database. Each library has study rooms which are available to book if you need some space to catch up on that study you’ve been putting off (we’ve all been there).

There’s also a great mix of quiet areas and group workspaces as well as some super helpful computing, printing and scanning facilities which can help you with all your technological and printing needs! The amazing staff can assist you in completing assignments, referencing correctly and supporting research. Check out more info about all the services the libraries offer here.

The library services on campus can also be so beneficial for students when it comes to this time of year when all those assignments and up-coming exams start building up. For example, some of those benefits are:

  • Library hours are extended throughout exam times.
  • The Academic Skills Centre are located in Puaka-James Hight library which have workshops available for you to enhance your study.
  • Inter loans are also available for students to request books that are not currently held by the UC libraries.

Have you ever wondered what the little ACE Overview graph on your LEARN homepage does? ACE stands for Analytics for Course Engagement on LEARN and this tracker is a personal way for students to monitor their engagement on their courses. By clicking on your ACE dashboard, it gives you some handy stats on how much you’re engaging with each of your courses. If you personally feel that you are less engaged because of a variety of reasons (like not understanding how to access resources for an assignment or booking an interloan), this is something the library services can help students with!