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UCSA Staff of the Year Awards 2019

Voting for Staff of the Year Awards 2019 has opened!

Since 1995, the UCSA Staff of the Year Awards (formerly Lecturer of the Year Awards) gives students a voice in nominating and deciding the most inspiring and dedicated lecturers, supervisors, administrators, and other non-academic staff members who have given students help and support. We also have nominations for what we can simply classify as the “Great Characters” at UC.

For your enjoyment, there’s still a “Make Up Your Own Title” Lecturer Award where you name the award and nominate the lecturer.  It’s fun. Plus, the cheekiest ones will be featured at the award ceremony.

So start nominating your lecturers, supervisors, technical staff who have helped you, library staff who have shown you where your books are, advisors who have guided you, or cleaning staff who have made your life in uni so much better!

Don’t forget, when you nominate (here), you could be in the draw to win 1 of 4 $50 UCSA Cafe vouchers!

**Please note nominating is voting, no reason for a second survey, make your nomination/vote worth it.

**You do not need to vote in every category, but we encourage you to do so if possible.

**Please fill in as much information as you can for the people you are voting for.

**You will have to make a valid nomination in at least one category to be in the draw for the café voucher.

**Voting closes 6 September – late entries will not be considered as valid.

Nominations for the 2019 University of Canterbury Blues Awards close today!

Blues Awards

Since 1913 the UCSA has been recognising and awarding students who excel in their chosen sport. In 2017, the UCSA in association with UC developed the traditional sports focused Blues event into an all-round awards night celebrating a broader scope of student success. The event now consists of Sports, Community Engagement and the Arts categories.

Blues will be awarded to students who reach the required level of achievement in each discipline. Receiving an award at our Blues ceremony is the highest honour we can present students who have excelled in these areas.

2019 also sees the introduction of two new awards. The University of Canterbury Sport Recognition and Art Recognition awards recognise those who have performed exceptionally, however are not eligible for a University Blue as an individual. For example coaches, managers, directors, producers, administrators, executives etc.

This award allows for recognition across a broader range of categories, while retaining the prestige and level of performance that characterises University Blues

All successful nominees are then considered for the following major awards:

  • Sportsperson of the Year
  • Outstanding Contribution to University Sport
  • Team of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • Official of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement in Community Engagement
  • Waewae Kai Pakiaka: Outstanding Contribution to the Māori community
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Canterbury Community
  • Outstanding Contribution to Equity and Diversity
  • Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability
  • Outstanding Achievement in the Arts
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Arts at UC

Nomination Criteria:

  • Nominations must be made via the prescribed form via the USCA website, with all sections completed
  • Anyone may nominate a person for a Blue. Individuals are able to nominate themselves.
  • The full criteria can be found on our Website.

Nominations for the Blues Awards close Monday 12 August. Nominations made after such date will not be considered by the Blues committee.

Nominees will be announced on 3 September. Updates on the awards will be posted on the UCSA’s Facebook page.

The Blues Awards will be held at Haere-roa, Saturday 28 September.

UC students’ new home, Haere-roa, officially opens

After two years’ of construction, the new student building Haere-roa was officially opened on Friday 2 August. The big red ribbon was cut by representatives from UCSA’s past student executive team.

It’s been a long journey to this point, and the UCSA would like to thank students for supporting the project along the way!

If you haven’t already visited Haere-roa, come on by. We host a lot of events, and the building has some amazing facilities here for you, including:

  • A student social space with a heat-and-eat station
  • The Foundry bar (open 8.30am til late, Monday to Friday)
  • Club facilities (including a meeting room and printer)
  • An outdoor amphitheatre (amazing when you need to get some sun and chill out).
  • Event spaces like Ngaio Marsh Theatre.

For more info about Haere-roa, visit the Haere-roa Facebook page or our website.

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