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UCSA: Anzac Day Service 2017

We will remember smallIn the lead up to Anzac Day, the UCSA has worked closely with the University to install a Field of Remembrance on Okeover Lawn.

In New Zealand 120,000 men enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Of the 103,000 who served overseas, 18,500 died and another 41,000 were wounded or fell ill.

400 of these enlisted men were staff or students at Canterbury College, known today as the University of Canterbury.

99 of these men lost their lives. These crosses are in the memory of our fallen.

We will remember them

Please join us at UCSA’s ANZAC Day Service on Tuesday 25 April, 10.00am at Matariki Quad. Find more information.

ANZAC Day service on campus


Everyone is welcome to attend the University of Canterbury Students’ Association ANZAC Day Service at 10am on Tuesday 25 April.

We believe that the sense of unity that is widely felt on ANZAC Day is important to acknowledge and together we can commemorate a day of such special significance to New Zealand within our community.

All are welcome to attend. This is an important occasion and an opportunity for students, staff and the wider community to come together.

The Service will take place on the Quad between the Matariki and Puaka-James Hight Buildings at 10am on Ilam Campus. Free parking is available in the Science car park off Ilam Road (excluding reserved parking spaces). In the event of wet weather, the service will be held in the Undercroft.

  • Te Akatoki will open the service with a Mihi/Karakia.
  • UCSA Vice-President Emily Barker will emcee.
  • The Christchurch Youth Choir will perform.
  • There will be addresses from representatives of the RSA, the NZDF, the UC Chaplain, and UC Chancellor Dr John Wood.

If you have any questions, please contact ben.ellis@ucsa.org.nz


Equity & Wellbeing, what even is it?

Sam BrosnahanHow’s it going? I’m Sam and I’m a student member on the UCSA Executive team. If you’re not too sure what the UCSA Exec is or does, you’re not alone. In a nutshell, we’re an elected student body where every year, UC students vote for other students to represent them in key decision-making matters around campus.

You may or may not know, but last year students voted to switch up the way the executive team is formed. Where in the past it was your President, Vice-President and Finance Officer (top 3) + 9 other general executive members, from 2017 onwards it’s now the top 3 + 6 general executive members + one Postgraduate Rep + one Te Akatoki rep (Māori Students’ Assc.) + the Equity & Wellbeing Rep. Essentially, this helps to make sure these important groups and matters are well involved in key decisions on campus. Sound good?

In my role as the Equity & Wellbeing Rep, my job is to help make sure that every student feels valued and that issues affecting different groups on campus can be talked about and addressed. I also help lead EWAG (Equity & Wellbeing Advisory Group) which is a group of about 20 students from all walks of life, designed to help UCSA make better decisions that are more inclusive for all.

As an EWAG team, we’re quite focused on three key areas this year: Student survival, equity for all students and mental wellbeing. We believe these are all really important issues and you’ll be seeing a few initiatives being rolled out over the coming weeks. If you’re keen to share your thoughts or have anything would like to bring up drop me a line at studentwellbeing@ucsa.org.nz – happy to chat.

Cheers, Sam