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Kia ora from your UCSA PG Rep

Kia ora all.

170615 Thomas Gillman-PGRepI am Thomas and I am the 2017 Postgraduate Rep on the UCSA Student Exec. Maybe not all of you have heard about the UCSA or the Student Exec or what its functions are. Not a problem though because the current Equity and Wellbeing Officer, Sam, wrote an excellent overview of the Exec in a recent blog post, which you can read here> 

Basically, we are the student voice to UC and advocate for student concerns on campus. We also offer support and guidance for students as well as run all the epic parties on campus and keep the café’s stocked so you don’t go hungry.

Last year the UCSA changed the constitution to add a designated role of Postgraduate Rep and to reserve the position for postgraduate students only. As the PG Rep on this Executive, I work hard to advocate for graduate student concerns at various committees and meetings. Further, we are working towards the creation of a postgraduate representation system that will enable a much stronger graduate voice on campus.

Given this is the inaugural year that this has run, I hope that we have been able to generate more awareness of postgraduate concerns on campus, but as we know there are a number of concerns still on-going. With this in mind and given the fact that UCSA Elections are coming up, I think that this is an excellent opportunity to promote the fact that the UCSA is also for PG’s. There may have been a stigma in the past that it did not deeply incorporate PG concerns, however this has changed and I hope that this year has portrayed that. Thus, if you feel like taking on a leadership role and want to make a difference to the postgraduate community on campus then this is your opportunity, and a fantastic opportunity at that. I would be more than happy to sit down with anyone who is interested in running and talk you through the role in more details.

I am also always keen to hear from you, so don’t be afraid to drop me a message: postgraduate@ucsa.org.nz.

Also don’t forget cheap coffee’s for PG’s at the Shilling Club on Tuesday mornings 9-10am. So get your office mates out and get along to sample some of the best coffee on campus.

Thank you all.


As we all know, however, there are on-going PG issues such as printing and space and these will not be resolved quickly. Thus we are attempting to implement Postgraduate representation system that will enable a stronger voice on campus and to further PG concerns within the university environment.

UCSA presents: Paint ‘n’ sip

Paint n Sip

Calling all staff and students!

Ever wanted to be an artist, but just not 100% confident in your skills?

Whether you’re the next Andy Warhol or stuck at 2nd grade doodling, this class is for everyone!

Here’s your chance, have a drink and let out your inner creative free.

When: Tuesday 30th May
Where: Shilling Club
Cost: $35.00 (tickets available for purchase at UCSA Reception or Shilling Club)
Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Get in quick because tickets are selling fast.

UCSA: Anzac Day Service 2017

We will remember smallIn the lead up to Anzac Day, the UCSA has worked closely with the University to install a Field of Remembrance on Okeover Lawn.

In New Zealand 120,000 men enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Of the 103,000 who served overseas, 18,500 died and another 41,000 were wounded or fell ill.

400 of these enlisted men were staff or students at Canterbury College, known today as the University of Canterbury.

99 of these men lost their lives. These crosses are in the memory of our fallen.

We will remember them

Please join us at UCSA’s ANZAC Day Service on Tuesday 25 April, 10.00am at Matariki Quad. Find more information.