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Bounce: Awesome new well-being resource for young people!

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NZ Red Cross has recently launched a new website and initiative called Bounce. Bounce is a bunch of tips, ideas and inspiration to help you live your life well!  It is innovative and includes great ideas to help young people deal with stress and increase their well-being.

For more information check out their awesome website. http://bounce.org.nz/

Co-curricular Record Video!

Check out our video featuring the Co-curricular Record and current CCR students!

The CCR allows your involvement in certain activities to be formally recognised by UC so you can get a competitive edge in your job, scholarship and study abroad applications.

First-year undergrads can sign up now here (CareerHub login).



Lecturer of the Year (LOTY) Awards

Have you had a lecturer this year that has changed your world?

Is there someone out there who you think deserves to be rewarded for all the effort and care they have shown their lectures and students? Well now is your chance!

The Annual UCSA Lecturer of the Year Awards (LOTY) is on again, brought to you by the UCSA Welfare and Advocacy team. We are looking to YOU, the students, to vote for the most awesome lecturer on campus who deserves recognition for their efforts.

Voting is online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LOTY2015
and  starts on Monday 3 August closing on Friday 4 September.  You have four WHOLE weeks so start voting!

“What’s it in for me?” you may wonder.  If you include your name and UC live email address on your voting form (we promise we won’t sell your details to a marketing company! Cross our hearts), you will be in the draw to win one of four UCSA Food & Bar vouchers worth $50.00 each.

Multiple votes for the same lecturer will only count if you give a different reason each time (so don’t try hitting the resend button hundreds of time, we will know), but you can nominate more than 1 lecturer if there are so many good ones.

For more information on the Lecturer of the Year, contact ee-li.hong@ucsa.org.nz or catherine.staite@ucsa.org.nz

**Results are not guaranteed to be scientific- just amusing!**