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Are you feeling hangry?

Is the lead-up to exams making you tired, frustrated and a whole lotta hungry?  I get what you mean!

Luckily the UCSA is providing FREE exam breakfasts every morning this week in the Undercroft. So each morning at 8.30am, from Monday 27th through to Friday 31st, the UCSA  will be giving out hot food, including: toast, baked beans, eggs, and the holy grail: hash browns.  Get in early to get the best goods to fill your tummy for a day of study, or a exam!


Is your lecturer the best? Nominate them now!

It’s that time of the year again – voting for your best lecturer and letting them know that they are appreciated.

From 1995, the University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA) has instituted lecturer of the year awards as a platform for students to voice their opinion and channel their appreciation to the most deserving lecturers from all across the University. Don’t let the title fool you; you can also nominate your favourite administrator, supervisor or simply someone of great character for the year. If this wasn’t fun enough, you can also make up your own lecturer award criteria and the form clearly instructs you to “get sassy” with the criteria. What more can you ask for? You get to be cheeky and get away with it? I’d take that!

By nominating, you are actually voting by filling this online nomination form http://surveymonkey.net/s/loty2014 (yes, of course it’s Survey Monkey!) so you don’t have to fill out another form to vote. The survey link also includes the specific criteria for each award and a few requirements to support your nomination.

If this isn’t enticing enough and you need a little more incentive, then you should know that by simply nominating someone worthy, you are entering yourself into a draw where four $50 vouchers are awarded to be used on campus cafés and bars. Don’t tell me that free food and drinks are not a good incentive! So go on-line and get nominating.

Good One party register

Have you got some crazy nights and wild parties ahead? Well to make sure they don’t get too out of hand you can always register your party with Good One. Basically, Good One is a method of registering a private party with the police to ensure that everyone has a good night. Good One means that you as the host don’t have to worry that your night could take an uncontrollable turn for the worst. After you register online your local officer will most likely contact you and get a run down on your plans. During the party the police will be in the neighbourhood and only a call away if you need some help. Even if you have a b-e-a-utiful night and have no need for the cops backup, there was no harm in setting up a safety net!

Remember: “When parties go bad, it’s always worst for the hosts. Good One is all about helping you have a great party without things getting too hairy”.

The UCSA can help you answer any questions: http://ucsa.org.nz/support/goodone/.

Or just head straight to Good One  to register your party.

Good One party register.
Good One party register.