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Update: Uni-Cycle work, Ilam Fields

Due to the wet weather this week, Christchurch City Council (CCC) could not seal the middle section of the Uni-Cycle path on Ilam Fields as planned – see previous update published 31 March.

CCC is currently looking into carrying out the sealing work over the weekend.

In the meantime please take care when crossing Ilam Fields.

Update: Uni-Cycle work, Ilam Fields

The Christchurch City Council is continuing construction work on the Uni-Cycle path on Ilam Fields.

Construction on the first section of the path, from Waimairi Road, has been completed and sealed. The middle section of the path is expected to be sealed by Wednesday (5 April) – weather dependent. In the meantime, work has started on the last section of the path between the tennis courts and Ilam Road.

Those travelling across Ilam fields should use the following routes.

  • Travelling between Ilam and Dovedale
    Use the route on the south side of the work site (see blue markings on the map below) – this joins up with the first section of the path that has been sealed from Waimairi Road.
  • Travelling to University Hall
    Use the route on the north side of the work site (see orange markings on the map below) – this joins up with the tennis courts.

Please take care when travelling through the area.

170331 Ilam fields

Uni-cycle update and timeline

The CCC completed the Uni-Cycle Route through campus during the Christmas break to minimise disruption. To meet that timing, the cycleway is open along University Drive, but without connections to either Clyde or Ilam Roads.

Once complete, these connections will make the University Drive section of the cycleway operate more effectively, but they are significant works and involve the installation of two cycle/pedestrian zebra crossings, separated one-way cycle lanes and landscaping works.

We recognise that there will be some frustrations as the connections are constructed, and we ask for your patience and care on the roads during this time. The works on Clyde Road are expected to be completed by the end of March. Works on Ilam Road will continue until May.

The work on Ilam Fields is expected to continue through until April, and once complete, works along Dovedale Avenue will begin. This section is anticipated to take two months and will disrupt traffic and the ability to park on the street at times. When this section is complete, the majority of Dovedale Avenue’s on-street parking will remain.

Work from Clyde Road to Riccarton Bush, through Hinau, Miro, Totara and Ngahere Streets starts this week and will continue until June. This includes installation of further traffic calming and safety features, as well as changing the priority control at some intersections. These works will create some traffic diversions and some on-street parking will be lost.

Further works will be undertaken on the cycleway along University Drive during the Easter Break, including landscaping, warning rumble strips at pedestrian crossings, signage and green paint surfacing. An independent post-construction audit has been completed to identify any significant safety concerns, which the Christchurch City Council will address as appropriate.

In the meantime, please be patient and take care of yourself and others on the road, regardless of your mode of transport. The cycleway has been well planned and once complete, will be a great asset for the city, and provide a real alternative way for us to travel to the University.

Ngā mihi, Alex Hanlon
Executive Director Learning Resources
Kaihautū Matua Rauemi Ako