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Sexual consent – views from uni students

Uni students share their views on sexual consent in this video from the New Zealand Police.

Sexual consent – what it is, how to ask for it and how to know when you’ve got it.

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New Zealand Police – advice and contacts

What sort of a drinker are you?

Feeling the need to let loose at the end of exams? Planning a few bevvies over the mid-year break? Take five minutes to test if your drinking is ok.

DrinkCheck can help you find out more about your drinking, Just complete the questionnaire and add up your score.

This is also a great place to go to test this question:

How many mls is a standard glass of wine (at 12.5% alcohol)?:

a) 150mls

b) 100 mls

c) 200 mls

Check out the answers on page 7 of the DrinkCheck resource. What do you think? Is it what you are being served or pouring for yourself?

What can you do now?

alcoholorgnz_what can you do now_source_DrinkCheck

Source – click here

Find heaps more information at http://www.alcohol.org.nz/

Coping with emotions – #MenStartTalking

As part of Men’s Health Month, Alex Mortlock, Clinical Psychologist at UC Health Centre gives some advice about coping with emotions.

Men, we are as prone to emotions as anyone else. They drive our behaviour for better or worse even when we aren’t aware of them. Learning to skilfully cope with feelings can improve our quality of life now and our chances of reaching our goals for the future.

Here is one strategy that can help. When you are feeling something isn’t right, take a moment to notice the sensations you’re feeling in your body – Where are they? What do they look like? See if you can name the feeling – sadness, anxiety, embarrassment, envy, etc. Say to yourself, “this is a moment of anxiety (or other feeling)”. Notice any thoughts are going through your mind. Say to yourself, “I am having the thought that I am useless (or equivalent)”. See if you can make room for these experiences and allow them to come and go naturally.

Rather than reacting automatically, by denying the feelings, lashing out, getting drunk, self-harming, procrastinating, withdrawing from other people, exercising to exhaustion, etc., take a moment, then decide on an action that will address the cause of the stress or that will enhance your life in some other way (e.g., getting started on a project, talking to someone, taking a break, doing something healthy). Thoughts and feelings cannot harm us, and with time, they will pass if we let them.

Check out these Good Fellas videos- some famous, some not-so-famous, talking about their health, and about what “being a man” means to them. #MenStartTalking 

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