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How to manage fear of failing

With exam results coming up soon, it’s normal to feel worried or anxious about getting a mark you weren’t expecting. It’s a stressful end to a turbulent year, but remember that everyone experiences setbacks and disappointments in life. It’s how you manage these feelings, and what you decide to do next, that can set you back on the path to success. 

Here are some tips on how to manage your fear of failure, and what you can do next: 

  • Be kind to yourself. Give yourself time to process what happened, and do things you enjoy to distract yourself for a little while. You can talk friends, family or the UC Support Services. You don’t need to be hard on yourself. 
  • Failing is a part of learning and success – if you get knocked back, think about what happened. What could you do differently? You could put together a plan for what you will do next and how you can make a success of what happened.
  • Everyone experiences failure – even the most successful people don’t always make it the first time. What matters most is how you look at what happened. 
  • Failing and defeat are not the same thing – sometimes it is precisely because we failed at something that our success eventually comes. Is failing a barrier or a stepping stone to success? We each get to decide. 

UC Support 

Find out more aboout fear of failing here> 

Small Group Training – it’s all about the B’s……

Ballet, Bootcamp, Boxing and Barre

We’re fizzing to be able to offer one more round of summer Small Group Training courses to see out 2020!

Whether you want to smash some morning fitness goals in Bootcamp, learn a new skill in Boxing, or find your inner ballerina with Ballet or Barre, we’ve got it going on at the RecCentre. Best of all, it’s on campus and super great value, with super great instructors (well, we think so!)

Why SGT?

Two words. Commitment and accountability. Ok, a third word – fun! Training with the same group of people each week, and a small group, means you get to connect with others and see your growth each week in a structured programme.

Why choose the UC RecCentre?

We’re conveniently located (let’s face it, you’ve already walked to campus, or done battle for your carpark, so why not leave it there another hour while you exercise, then enjoy a smooth ride home in less traffic?) and we’re very competitively priced. You pay up front for five weeks, and the cost per session is around $5.50 for bootcamp, and $7.50 for our other courses ($55 for Bootcamp, and $37.50 for the others).

Registrations are open now, and courses start week beginning November 23rd, ending by 19th December.

What are you waiting for?
Move better.  Feel better. Think better.

UC Rec&Sport

EMAIL | COVID-19: UC exams will continue as planned

Following government direction provided in this afternoon’s COVID-19 announcement, we can confirm all UC exams will continue as planned.

We understand this is a highly stressful time of year, and learning ways to cope with stress is vital for your success. Read more here>

If you’re unwell on the day of your exam you can apply for special consideration. Find more information on this process, here>

It is reasonable to expect cases of COVID-19 to appear in and around New Zealand for some time, so it’s important to continue following our shared advice and guidelines without exception:

  • Stay at home if you feel unwell. This is the best thing you can do to stop any future spread of COVID-19. If you feel sick, protect your mates and the UC Community by staying at home, and if you have cold or flu symptoms please call your GP or Healthline (0800 358 5453).
  • Location tracking is still important in Alert Level 1. So when you’re on campus, please keep note of where you’ve been or use the government’s app to scan QR codes. UC is also keeping records of who is in the examination rooms.
  • Focus on good hygiene by washing your hands, sneezing or coughing into your elbow and remaining vigilant with cleaning.
  • Remember that COVID-19 does not discriminate. Please be compassionate and kind, we are all in this together. 

Health and wellbeing

  • All student care teams are available visit https://www.canterbury.ac.nz/support/health/
  • Please call the Health Centre prior to make an appointment. In Alert Level 1 the Health Centre are still not taking walk-in appointments.

We’ll keep you up to date as more information becomes available. For further details, visit UC’s COVID webpage.