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UC RecCentre – Gym hack #1: Hit the gym early!

The gym is pumping right now and we’re stoked to see so many of you hitting the gym already. Having said that, an overcrowded gym is not fun for everyone, so when is the best time to train at the RecCentre?

Recreation Centre photo shoot, showing all aspects of the Rec Centre facilities, badminton, balance exercises with balls, weight pack exercises, floor exercises on the mezzanine, Rec Centre reception, group weights in the gym, steppers, walkers, spin, weight machines, free weights, straps, yoga, rowing machines, 15.8.14

As always, there is no simple answer, it all comes down to YOU.  But here’s what we do know…

Recreation centre, various classes set up by staff for marketing services, 20.10.15 and 23.10.15 Client, Kat Henderson, Rec Centre.

  • The earlier you come to the RecCentre, the quieter it will be in both group fitness classes and the fitness spaces. Hit us up before 3pm each day for less crowds and faster workout times  (less waiting and working in with others)
  • The exception is Saturday, where everyone gets here for 9am opening and it’s much less busy from lunchtime until closing

You may find the crowds motivating and energising, or you may find they drain your soul and make you want to run for the hills! Both are perfectly valid responses, we just need to find ways to accommodate our individual needs. We suggest you try out different days and times until you find a time slot that works for both your personality,  your schedule and your fitness buddy if you have one! Prioritise yourself and find a consistent time to exercise, blocking it out in your calendar as an appointment that can’t be rescheduled.

Recreation centre, various classes set up by staff for marketing services, 20.10.15 and 23.10.15 Client, Kat Henderson, Rec Centre.

Need another incentive to hit the gym early?  Enter your name in our competition box at reception, post-workout (we’ll be able to tell by your red workout faces!) between 6am and 3.00pm from March 20th until April 9th, Monday to Friday.   Each day we’ll draw out one lucky winner who’ll receive a surprise pack of RecCentre goodies. (One entry per person, per day).

You’ve gotta be in (early) to win!

Lift. Move. Play.

Academic support – sign up by 8 March

Kia ora,

Welcome back to UC! For those who were identified as part of the Academic Progress Review for Semester 2, (2016) we strongly encourage you to participate in a series of workshops created for you (see below).

Please sign up to the workshops by following the slyreply links.

We really hope you make the most of this opportunity and feel free to attend one or all of the sessions.

Last day to sign-up: Wednesday  8 March.

We want to help you get back on track in 2017, so follow the links and get yourself signed up.

Time management (Academic Skills Centre – Julie) 9am Friday 10th Marchhttp://www.slyreply.com/app/sheets/df59851f1uu8/Stress Management (Health Centre- Alex) 10am Friday 10th March


Understanding your strengths and exploring your options (Careers – Dave) Friday 10th March at 10am


Refresh: studying effectively (Academic Skills Centre) Thursday 11am http://www.slyreply.com/app/sheets/tc7qi1i81b7u/



If you prefer to talk to someone 1:1 then please get in touch with any of the support teams on campus:

UC Chaplains – Hi, welcome

Howdy. My name’s Reverend Spanky, and I’m the Ecumenical Chaplain here at UC. Most people I meet nod their heads politely with that slightly glazed look when I’m introduced as “The Chaplain”. Well, I like to think of myself as the ‘Dean of Spiritual Engineering’ on campus. Us Uni Chaplain’s are pretty good at dealing with Spiritual matters, but we’re also quite good at listening, baking scones, advocating, lingering handshakes, talking smack and growing basil. So – be you an old dog returning for more academic adventures, or fresh meat exported from a local high school – on behalf of God, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Canterbury.

prayer stallAnywho – One of the things that I love about being part of the UC whānau is that this University doesn’t just treat it’s students like emotionless, soulless, disembodied brains-on-sticks that require nothing but a serving of $2 rice every now and then to keep their GPA’s ticking over. Nope. Our university knows that for students to be healthy and happy, they have to be healthy and happy in four ways: physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Now as you adjust to your new routine of study, you’d be surprised how easy it is to let the health in any, or all, of those four aspects of your life slip.

But the wisdom of hindsight from many a third year student will testify that if you want to make the most of your whole time at uni, then you’ve got to tend to your whole self while you’re studying.

So if you’d ever like one of us chaplains to help support you to do better in any of the above areas (and especially with the spiritual bit) just drop me an email. As you can see from the photo – we offer a wide range of options on our prayer menu. And we’ll even shout the first coffee.