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Stay well this winter with UCGO

Want to stay healthy and well over the cold winter months? UCGO can direct you to all the wellbeing services you need on campus, from keeping fit to staying safe when out and about. With UCGO, you can:   

  • check out all the different fitness classes and small group training sessions on offer at the UC RecCentre.  
  • use the Support tool to find all the different support services at UC including mentoring support, academic support and information about programmes and support groups such as UniLife, the Pacific Development Team and ākonga Māori support.
  • call the UC Security team direct with the Campus Safety tool. You can also find information on what to do in an emergency, and how to report hazards and incidents of assault.

UCGO is specially designed to give you access to the tools you need to learn, explore, stay well and succeed at UC. 

 – download UCGO now from the App Store and Google Play. 

 – view UCGO on your desktop – bookmark it now to have everything you need on one page. 

See all the tools and find more about UCGO here.  

UC Student Blogger | Winter Wellness – Staying Healthy and Well

With shorter days and colder weather, staying healthy in winter can be hard. Exercise and a balanced diet can give way to warm nights spent inside on the sofa eating comfort food. This can seem appealing but being less active can increase your risk of getting ill and lowers your mood. One of our UC student bloggers takes a look at what you can do to stay healthy and well over the winter months. 

“With Covid-19 leading the news every day, people are more aware of catching nasty germs and becoming sick. Luckily there are many things you can do to boost your immune system and stay healthy this winter.

Eat a balanced diet
In the winter, it is tempting to eat stodgier comfort foods but it is important to stock up on plenty of fruit and vegetables. This ensures your body gets all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep your immune system functioning. Fresh produce is pricier in the winter, which can be challenging on a student budget. Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables are more affordable while still offering the same health benefits.

Although the cold weather and short days really decrease motivation, exercise actually helps to build your immune system. Get out into the sunshine and breathe in some fresh air. Even a short walk around the block is helpful.

Open windows
Living in a cold, damp flat can make you sick. Open windows and air out the house for a short time everyday, especially when cooking or showering. This will decrease dampness and mould, and make the house easier to heat.

Schedule down time and get plenty of sleep
Lack of sleep and stress make you more susceptible to illnesses. Getting a good night’s sleep allows your body to recover and fend off infection, while time spent relaxing and doing activities you enjoy will help you feel less stressed. If you feel overwhelmed with study, try planning your week ahead and include time for leisure.

As Jacinda loves to say, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!
Simple soap and water can kill any viruses you may have picked up. Wash your hands before eating, and preparing food especially if you are in a public place like Uni. 

Stay home if you are sick
Staying away from others when you are unwell is the best defence against spreading illnesses. Reach out to classmates or lecturers if you need any help when you are sick at home.”

Make the most of the wellbeing support services here for you at UC: 

UC Student Blogger | Returning to campus in unprecedented times

It may be unnerving to return to campus after such a strange and difficult time, but there are things you can do to help yourself get back into your regular study routine and to a sense of normality. UC Student Blogger takes a look at how to take care of yourself in times of change and where you can go to get help. 

“With the lifting of restrictions from Alert Level 2 to Alert Level 1, many students will be able to return to campus for the start of Semester 2.

Many of you would have adapted to the new normal during the lockdown, and we acknowledge that it may be hard for students to adjust back to their old routine. That’s why it is important to look after your health and wellbeing– make sure you take care of yourself and look out for your friends during this unprecedented time

There are some simple things you can do to help yourself adjust to change – for example, make sure you take breaks during study so you don’t wear yourself out, and drink plenty of water. Learning to focus during change is an important skill which will help you develop resilience and improve your future prospects. However, if things are getting out of hand, Student Care and the Academic Skills Centre are always here to help. 

If you have specific concerns regarding COVID-19, please email: ucprotect@canterbury.ac.nz