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Sexual assault – what does a medical check up involve?

This video continues the series by New Zealand Police encouraging the reporting of sexual assault. In STEP 4 Dr Cathy Stephenson from Medical Clinicians for Sexual Assault, Aotearoa outlines what happens at the medical check up.

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Winter chills and ills – to work out or not to work out?

So you’ve picked up a bug or something, and you’re not feeling that flash, but you still want to exercise?  How do you know whether it’s a good idea or not?

Recreation Centre photo shoot, showing all aspects of the Rec Centre facilities, badminton, balance exercises with balls, weight pack exercises, floor exercises on the mezzanine, Rec Centre reception, group weights in the gym, steppers, walkers, spin, weight machines, free weights, straps, yoga, rowing machines, 15.8.14

There are a number of things that concern people when making this decision.   First of all, if you rest until you’re fully recovered, you may risk losing some strength and fitness benefits.  The short term ‘feel good’ factor of exercising is tempting, but if you work out whilst you’re sick,  the quality of your workout is not likely to be as good and you may well prolong your sickness or make it worse.   Also, think about those around you  – no-one likes a constant sniffer in their yoga class, sneezers and runny noses on shared equipment, or to catch your bug!

Various websites (Livestrong.Com , Breakingmuscle.com and Mayo Clinic for example) all point to a similar philosophy

  • Exercise is usually ok if your symptoms are all ‘above the neck’. A common cold, minor sore throat and so forth.  If this is you, then consider reducing the intensity and length of your workout.  Go for a walk for fresh air and movement, rather than a heavy gym session or hill run.  You don’t want to make things worse!
  • If your symptoms are ‘below the neck’ such as chest congestion, hacking cough, stomach troubles, fever, fatigue or widespread body aches, then definitely don’t exercise. Stay home, stay warm, rest up and see your doctor!

My mother always used to say if you’re well enough to go to sport practice, you’re well enough to go to school.  Fair call.   So, if you don’t feel up to socialising, studying or going to work, then it’s a pretty reasonable assumption you’re not well enough to exercise either.

Ultimately, your body is your guide.  If you feel miserable, take a break, rest up and drink plenty of fluids.  A few days off won’t do much to your performance.  Resume your workout gradually, starting with low intensity and celebrate the small stuff.

Stay well!


University chaplain Rev Spanky Moore explains Wairua Week:
Next week our dear Uni will be birthing a brand new and slightly exotic week in its calendar: Wairua Week!

170803 - Wairua-Week-Mountain

UC Wairua Week (meaning the spirit, or the soul) is a chance to celebrate the place of faith and spirituality on campus at UC – and sort of snuggles on the tail end of the fantastic UC Diversity Fest.

So what’s all this Wairua business about then? With meditation groups, yoga groups and 10+ specifically religious clubs on campus, it’s fair to say that many UC students express a diverse and energetic spiritual life. Now this may come as a bit of a surprise to some University old-schoolers. It used to be that some old geezers thought spirituality should have nothing to do with study, but nowadays a new wave of students are keen to engage with deepening their spiritual and emotional health – as well as their brains. Who would have thought? In fact most Māori understandings of wellbeing put the importance of spiritual health near the top of the list!

Buddha is reported to have famously once said “Just as a candle cannot live without fire, people cannot live without a spiritual life.” Wairua Week is our attempt to look after the heart and soul of our dear University.

170803 - Wairua Week extraOver Wairua Week a pile of weird and wonderful conversations will be going down around campus:

  • Muslims and Christians will be meeting up for coffee and cake at the UC Muslim prayer room
  • Spiritual Gurus (‘Guru’ in the loosest sense of the word) will be offering one-on-one advice to any takers in the Undercroft
  • students of various spiritual persuasions will be interviewed on Facebook Live via in The Booth situated in The Undercroft beaming out via the UCSA Facebook page
  • Pete Majendie (of ‘185 Empty White Chairs’ fame) is installing a spiritually-themed interactive piece of art in the James Hight library
  • and for all you sceptics out there, we’ll even explore if it’s possible to practice a ‘Secular Spirituality’ with our very own Dr Michael Grimshaw.

So, be you of a fixed faith or none, take the opportunity to explore your spiritual side this UC Wairua Week. You may be surprised by what you find.
You can view the full programme below, and for more details as they unfold head to www.facebook.com/UCWairuaWeek.

170803 - Wairua Week programme