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Arts Festival special offer for UC Students

Play on

Fly My Pretties with a Shakespearean twist! Play On is a musical imagining of Shakespeare’s great soliloquies with an ‘All Star’ New Zealand cast. The brainchild of Paul McLaney, along with actor/directors Ian Mune and Peter Elliot, Play On combines the best in acting and music for an unforgettable experience.

In April 2016, award-winning musician Paul McLaney assembled an all star musical cast to perform Play On at Auckland’s Pop-up Globe Theatre. The magical sell-out show saw a collection of Shakespeare’s most well-known soliloquies performed as a song cycle by some of NZ’s most talented vocalists. This is a world first concept.

Play On will feature an all-star cast with Paul McLaney performing alongside Julia Deans, Maisey Rika, Ria Hall, Fran Kora, Laughton Kora, Mara TK, Andy Keegan (Drums), Richie Pickard (Bass) & string accompaniment from The Black Quartet.

Student tickets are now $25+Booking Fee (BF) (Usually $40+BF).

There are limited tickets at the UC student exclusive price. Get your tickets now. 

Find all show info here. 

UCSA Executive elections are happening

Why should I care?
The University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA) is the representative body for UC students. Each year 12 students are elected to be your representatives and form the governing body of the UCSA. The core function of the executive governance role is to monitor performance, give direction, and to hold management to account – essentially to ensure that the UCSA is operating for students.

The Executive also represent you at UC by sitting on a range of college/faculty boards and project groups (such as the sustainability group or for the graduate profile). The President also sits on the University Council – UC’s governing body. The Executive plays a key role in ensuring the UC student experience be the best it can be – so it’s important you engage and vote for someone who best represents you.

How do I vote?
You will be sent a link to your voting form via your student email on Wednesday morning, 16 August. Voting closes 5pm Friday 18 August. Every student gets 12 votes, one vote for each of the positions of President, Vice-President, Finance Officer, Postgraduate Rep, Equity & Wellbeing Rep, and up to seven votes for the General Executive.

How do I find out more?
An Election handbook is currently on stands around campus and provides you with information on all the candidates. It can also be found on the UCSA website.

The following lists all the candidates in the 2018 election (in alphabetical order) and their relevant online content:



Finance Officer

Equity & Wellbeing Rep

Postgraduate Rep

General Executive

For more info, head to ucsa.org.nz/elections/