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Procrastination workshop

Stress, poorer academic outcomes, and low self-esteem are some of the costs of procrastination. At this workshop, you will learn research based strategies to reduce procrastination.

Date: Saturday, 5 November
Time: 9am – 2pm
Where: Canterbury Workers Education Association, 59 Gloucester Street
Cost: $21.00
RSVP: Enrol here or phone 366 0285

To ensure this workshop runs, pre-enrolment at least one week before the workshop is advised.

For more information contact workshop tutor Cathie Edwards, phone 021 234 0377 or click here.

Raising children bilingually – free public lecture/workshop

Mother and child singing a song

Why should parents speak their language(s) to their children? Come and find out what the research says and share your experiences.

What: Raising Children Bilingually
When: Thursday, 3 November, 5.30-7pm
Where: Jack Mann Auditorium, Dovedale Campus, UC
Who: All welcome! Free entry
Please RSVP: latlproject@canterbury.ac.nz

For more information on the Learning and Teaching Languages Lab, please click visit our website: twolanguages.canterbury.ac.nz/ or follow us on  Facebook: Growing up with two languages

Associate Professor Una Cunningham
School of Teacher Education
Author of the book: Growing up with two languages


Secrets to success workshop

  • When:  Tuesday 2 August, 9am-3pm. Come and go as you please – between lectures
  • Where: Kirkwood Village, KG05
  • Lunch: Included
  • Sign up here > Maximum number of 40 and we already have 20 RSVPs so get in quick!

You will learn about your strengths and how to recognise these and use them in your degree and life more broadly. You’ll also learn about goal setting and resilience – how to ‘bounce back’ when study becomes difficult, stressful, or overwhelming.

– Student Development Team