UC Motorsport students have designed an electric race car

Motorsport students design and race cars at the highly competitive international Formula Student in Australia.

This year, they’re doing things slightly different.

The team of students will enter two state-of-the-art cars this year.  One electric race car and the other driven by a more conventional combustion engine.

The innovative Kiwi race car will race over summer. Find out more>

Staff of the Year awards

The annual Staff of the Year awards were held recently  at the UCSA Event Centre. Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees and winners.

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The winners are:

Lecturer of the Year: College of Arts – Dr Masayoshi Ogino

Lecturer of the Year: Business & Law – Dr Steve Agnew

Lecturer of the Year: College of Education – Dr Valerie Sotardi

Lecturer of the Year: College of Engineering – Associate Professor Alan Wood

Lecturer of the Year: College of Science – Dr Pieter Pelser

Superstar of the Year – Simon Dorset

Great Character – Dr Steve Agnew

Technical Staff of the Year – Julian Murphy

Administrator of the Year – Heather Couch

Supervisor of the Year – Professor Ian Shaw


Student Make your own awards:

Lecturer with the Best Hand Gestures Award – Professor Angus McIntosh

Summoner of the Most Stimulating Sojourners Award: Dr Ann Brower

One Hit Wonder Award – Liz Waugh

Lecturer Most Able To Sympathise With Utterly Lost Students While Somehow Continuing To Baffle And Confuse Them With Basic Algebra Award – Dr Philip Gunby

Que Veneno (The Shady Award) – Sergio Redondo

Best Technology Tantrum Award – Dr Steve Agnew

And the main Lecturer of the Year Award 2018 winner is Dr Steve Agnew!

Double Degrees: You Get The Best of Both Worlds

Above: which pathway to follow. Many students on Open Day have important options to explore – what about a double degree?

When student blogger Ben arrived at university he tugged back and forth with family, friends, and myself about whether to study a commerce degree or an arts degree. I then thought to myself “Why not both?” 

Here he shares how that has turned out – just as enrolments for 2019 open.

With a double degree you can pursue more interests. Not only does has my diverse range of studies made me well-rounded, but I’m left knowing I have another career path to fall back if things don’t work out.

A double degree also means double the expertise. Having that larger knowledge base can make you more employable, and you’ll find yourself ahead of the pack sooner as it’ll be quicker than doing two degrees separately.

Double degrees mightn’t be for everyone though. It is undeniable that double degrees take more time, have a heavier workload, and will cost you more than studying towards a single degree. Ultimately, choosing to complete a double degree is up to you.

I am enjoying a variety of courses and experiencing everything I had in mind and with no fear of missing out. I will leave UC with an awesome degree that wholeheartedly reflects me. 

 Explore your options

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If you’re facing the difficult dilemma of which degree path to take (and how many degrees to study at that), consider chatting to UC’s helpful student advisors.

If you want to get creative about career pathways and explore your options check out the subject PDFs here> and consider having a chat with the team at UC Careers.