Vote for an International Rep on the UCSA – Wednesday 25 July

An objective set by the 2018 Student Exec was to establish an International Representative on the Student Exec. This would be done by replacing one of the 7 General Exec positions with the International Rep position This decision would not expand the size of the Executive but merely assures better representation of all UC students. 

International Students currently make up 15% of the UC population, and that figure will rise over the next few years. So it’s important that this large cohort of students are guaranteed a voice at a student-governance level.

In order for the International Rep position to be established, the amendment must be voted on by the student population. So if you think this a worthwhile change to make to the Executive, come along to our Half-AGM to vote for it!


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**Vote for a UCSA International Representative**

– Minutes of the previous Half AGM

– Report from President 

– Constitutional Amendments

– General Business 

– UCSA executive candidate session to follow

Plus your chance to win $250 of catering for your next club event. Club with highest number of attendees wins.

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Video release – Roimata unveiled

A stunning video about the unveiling of Roimata has been released as part of turning the original Cultural Narrative video into a series.

 Roimata is the name given to a sculpture designed by Māori artist Riki Manuel (Ngāti Porou) to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the Canterbury earthquake on 22 February 2011. It was unveiled at a special ceremony on that date in 2018, and tells a story of remembrance.

  • To Māori, the upside down koru represents death, in keeping with a memorial to those who lost their lives in the February earthquake of 2011.
  • The surface is undulated to represent Ōtakaro the river Avon, onto which the people of Ōtautahi Christchurch, throw flowers each year in memory of that fateful day. The bronze flowers on the surface depict this ritual.
  • The sculpture sits at the Clyde Road end of University Drive, a short distance from the Recreation Centre bridge over Ōtakaro where those who attended the unveiling carried out this ritual by throwing fresh flowers onto the river to created a spiritual link with the commemorative service being held later that day in the city.

Roimata, will remain on our campus as a permanent reminder of the earthquakes, and as a focus each year for our remembrance, the loss and suffering of our University community, the contribution they made afterwards, and what the University has become since.

How to report a sexual assault to the Police

The Reporting Sexual Assault To Police series takes you through the process of reporting a sexual assault for adults 18 years and over. In STEP 1 Senior Sergeant Tania Van Ooyen offers reassurance, advice and outlines what happens when you first report a sexual assault.

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