What bin do I put my coffee cup in?!

UC Sustainability

Click to see how to correctly dispose of your coffee cup

If you have ever taken the time to ask yourself this question, then thank you! The UC Sustainability team work hard to ensure waste is disposed of correctly and reduced as much as possible.

The labels on the bins around campus are currently out of date and will be updated soon, so please watch the short video linked above to familiarise yourself with the correct way to dispose of your coffee cups.

In summary:

  • disposable cups and lids go in the red bins
  • if you’re near a cafe, you can put your cup in a blue bin, but still put the lid in a red bin
  • remember to bring your own mug or reusable cup to your cafe

If we all put in a small effort to do our bit we can create a more sustainable campus for everyone! Check out the UC Sustainability website for more ways you can help look after our beautiful campus.

Students wish their mums a happy Mother’s Day!

Click to see these guys give their mums some love

Click to see these guys give their mums some love

Charlene and I took the video camera for a walk yesterday and had a chat with some students about their mums in honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday.

If you forgot about it then you can thank us later for the reminder. You’d better get something sorted by Sunday!

Click on the image above to see the video featuring mums’ best advice and how they describe their mums in one word…finished off with a big I LOVE YOU MUM, naw!

Sam Johnson is heading to Nepal

Click to see Sam talk about what he hopes to achieve in Nepal

Click to see Sam talk about what he hopes to achieve in Nepal

Co-founder of the Student Volunteer Army Sam Johnson is travelling to Nepal tonight to help out in the disaster relief effort following the devastating 7.8 earthquake on Saturday. The tragedy has currently claimed the lives of over 4,200 people.

Sam will use his experience in managing youth community projects to engage with local youth groups in low-risk areas. He will be leading a team of people who will work alongside these youth groups to help facilitate effective responses in the relief effort.

Sam is passionate about encouraging youth to get involved in community projects, particularly disaster relief efforts. He believes young people such as students have valuable skills that are often overlooked but can be applied to achieve incredible things.

To hear more about his planned involvement in the Nepalese relief effort, click the image above to see the interview filmed with Sam today.

Sam also attended a meeting with the Christchurch Nepalese community on Sunday, where he helped launch the fundraising campaign #NZ4Nepal which the Student Volunteer Army is working hard to promote.

To read more, see this media release.