Safety in the New Zealand outdoors

Mid-term break is an awesome time of year to head out into the New Zealand outdoors and experience gorgeous scenery and adventure. 

The Department of Conservation website (DoC) is one of the best places to start planning your trip with awesome ideas of where to go. Click here>

SAFETY – Make sure you spend some time planning your adventure – whether it’s a hike for the day or longer. New Zealand conditions are different from anywhere else in the world.  The weather especially can change quite suddenly, which can then change the conditions of the environment around you.

Whether you’re heading out for a day walk or a longer adventure, make sure you tell a trusted contact where you are going and when you will be back, and that they understand that if you are late they should contact New Zealand Police. Do not expect to have cellphone coverage in some rural or mountain areas.

Know before you go

Five things to do before you go>

DoC has also compiled other links and resources on safety and planning your trip, so you can have the best possible adventure out there. Click here>

Start of year videos – success, safety, wellbeing

Start of year videos at UC are packed with info that will help you get the best start to the year.

There’s a lot going on right now, but there’s heaps of support. It’s ok to ask for help – do it early and get a great start to your year. 

Check out this video about support offered by Student Care>

Find out about Health and Safety here> 


Consent – it’s as simple as tea

If you’re still struggling with consent just imagine instead of initiating sex you’re making them a cup of tea. Watch this great video from the Thames Valley Police (U.K) campaign.

Need support? Find more information about consent, sexual assault and support contacts  below.

New Zealand Police have information on definitions of  consent and sexual assault. Click here.

What can I do if I have been sexually assaulted?  Click here.

If you need support or advice we’re here to help:

UC Health – Ph: (03) 369 4444 –

Student Care – – Ph: (03) 369 3388 Call in to Level 2 Puaka – James Hight Building

For support in the community, click here.

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