Ashalyna Noa in Samoa = Pasifika Doctoral Scholarship recipient

Ashalyna Noa is in Samoa at the moment doing her research working towards her PhD. This has been made possible in part to the UC Pasifika Doctoral Scholarship which Ash won. The good news is that two of these scholarships are on offer again for next year but applications close on 15th October.

Watch Ahalyna’s video then either apply or share this to all your family and friends that this could help. What an awesome opportunity!

Ahalyna Noa Pasifika Scholarship video still

Fighting hospital acquired infections

Check out the role of UC researchers in this video ‘Saving Lives with Active Black’

Nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections) are one of the leading causes of patient mortality in healthcare environments. Numerous ideas and products are being developed to reduce the transmission of pathogens that are incidentally spread on touch surfaces by hospital staff and visitors between surface cleanings. The research group had an idea to use a hard ceramic coating that is also “self-cleaning”. This very interesting material – Titanium Dioxide is a well-known “self-cleaning” material because it absorbs UV-light, produces oxygen radicals and burns off dirt. Read more and consider voting>

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Consent – it’s simple as tea

If you’re still struggling with consent just imagine instead of initiating sex you’re making them a cup of tea. Watch this great video from the Thames Valley Police (U.K) campaign.

Need support? Find more information about consent, sexual assault and support contacts  below.

New Zealand Police have information on definitions of  consent and sexual assault. Click here.


What can I do if I have been sexually assaulted?  Click here.

If you need support or advice we’re here to help:

UC Health – Ph: (03) 369 4444 –

Student – Ph: (03) 369 3388 Call in to Level 2 Puaka – James Hight Building

Read more about support at UC>

For support in the community, click here.

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