Helping students make choices after exam results

Right now some of our students are likely to be worried about their exam results and feeling lost about their next steps. UC Academic Skills Centre Learning Advisor Jacqui Tither has some great advice and inspiration for what they might do next. 

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Have you ever considered that some students may walk around campus and think that everyone around them looks as though they are coping, and completely have it together, while they are freaking out on the inside?

 That’s pretty normal and students are not alone, says Jacqui.

“People are a bit like swans. Above the water they look calm and serene, and below the water they are all paddling like crazy to keep afloat and moving.

She advises students:

“If you are worried for any reason about your exam results, Semester Two is one of the best times to think about your next steps and take action.

“Nothing is a mistake if we learn from it. Get a bit of help. You’ve had assignments and your exams. Now you know what happens you can made some changes in a prepared way and adjust what you do in future.”

She says often some guidance at the Academic Skills Centre and making small changes can get the results you need.

“You might need to tighten up your writing, or get some ideas for time management, or understand more about how your brain works with short and long term memory.  Advisors at the Academic Skills Centre will help you pinpoint what needs to change, why, and how you can make the change.”

  • Need to figure out what the problem is and what to do next? Read about 40 minute consultations here and to make an appointment phone (03) 369 3900.
  • Need help with time management, essay writing, proof reading, presenting, note-taking, the English language, avoiding plagiarism and much more? Check out the awesome Academic Skills Centre programme here>

Read on for more awesome inspirational advice from Jaqcui.

Seeking help is the number 1 life skill.

“It’s ok to have a challenge as long as you hang in there and seek help. Help seeking is the number 1 skill in life. It’s not about being needy, it’s about needing help at times.

At the Academic Skills Centre our goal is to upskill you so you become independent.

People can be too scared to look at a problem. We just give them the courage to look and plan and move out of avoiding the problem.

I love helping people because I know what a difference it makes. I have a lot of empathy for people who feel like they’re struggling. You’re not born with skills. Some people can transition in to study really easily, but some people need to learn what an academic essay looks like. It’s just that people come from such varied backgrounds.”

Academic Skills Centre> 2019 – call for papers now open

The best open source conference in the southern hemisphere is making its way to Christchurch in January 2019 for the first time ever –

For the conference’s 20th anniversary the theme is The Linux of Things. This builds on the role Linux plays in our everyday lives as address IoT-related opportunities and concerns from the purely technical through environmental, health, privacy, security and more.

If you wish to submit a paper for consideration to the conference please have a read through the official announcement here.

Keep in mind that talks beyond mere code are wanted – politics, science, art and documentation. Call for Papers closes on July 30.

For further information, please contact conference chair Steven Sykes at

Celebrating Successful Enrol In Person Pilot

The new Enrol in Person process for international students led by the Student First Programme was put to the test last week, as international students arrived on campus to complete their enrolment ahead of Semester Two.

Students were welcomed by friendly UC volunteers and went on a campus walking tour while their documents were processed behind the scenes. Feedback captured so far points to a positive student experience on the enrolment days – they commented that the process was easy, they felt welcome and overall the enrolment days were less stressful and more enjoyable for both students and staff.

The Student First Programme team held a morning tea to acknowledge the hard work that went into making this pilot a success. In particular, we want to thank:

  • Student Volunteers for their energy, enthusiasm and dedication
  • The Enrolments and Student Care teams in creating such a seamless event and going above and beyond to ensure students were as prepared as possible for enrolments
  • Admissions for clearing “road-blocks” on enrolments and providing great support for our College colleagues who were swamped with Academic Review and Open Day
  • Dawn Miller-Mctaggart for her magic work on the data
  • Academic Managers and Student Advisers for juggling your busy schedules and doing your best to prepare students for enrolment. High-five!
  • Student Finance: being there with us and ensuring that the final all important step fit neatly into the process
  • AV Staff and Photographer: capturing the quality of the event is exciting and would be made so much harder without you
  • Comms Team: paving the way for trialling new ways of communicating with applicants as required

Reflecting on how far we have come since our review of the Enrol In Person process in March/April, what we achieved is a great example of what can be done by a small, determined group of individuals working collaboratively towards a common goal. This new process is a great step forward in transforming the student administration experience.

Watch this space for a full review and some great footage from the enrolment days, as well as further updates on how we’re continuing to work on the process for Enrolments 2019.

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Innovation Jumpstart – Models for commercialisation workshop 3 August

Just how do you go about commercialising an innovation? What things should you concentrate on to increase your chances of success?

There are many models for commercialisation, often with contradictory advice. As part of the Innovation Jumpstart 2018 competition Adrian Busch from R&I gives a whistle-stop tour of six such models, and attempts to garner a little guidance from each.

Date      3 Aug
Time      11.00am – 12.00pm
Venue   Ernest Rutherford 225

Please RSVP to Adrian Busch –

Sign up to Innovation Jumpstart now

You will become a part of UC’s innovation community which includes opportunities for support and to participate in workshops and seminars. You could also win one five $20,000 prizes.

Find more information and the Innovation Jumpstart application form here>

Innovation Jumpstart key dates:

  • Applications close 6.00pm, Friday 10 August 2018
  • Judging will take place over the following four weeks – shortlisted entrants may be asked to make a short presentation to the judging panel
  • Winners announced at a celebration event early October 2018


Simplify Scrolling Through Web Pages and PDFs

Nobody likes wearing out their finger scrolling a mouse, do they?

Rather than endlessly scrolling through a web page or PDF document, use your keyboard’s space bar to scroll down a screen/page at a time.

Read what’s on your screen, tap the space bar, repeat.

Handy tip: to scroll back UP the page, hold down the Shift key while you tap the space bar.

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