COVID-19 impact on Travel Insurance

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created some real challenges for travel insurance.  The University sector in New Zealand is insured by Allianz.  This Insurer has issued a travel advisory that effectively excludes coverage for any claim “caused by or in any way connected with this event”.  The exclusion applies to any travel bookings secured after 30 January 2020. 

If your booking was made prior to this date, there is some potential for coverage (but not much!).  A copy of the travel advisory has been posted on the Travel Insurance intranet site but feel free to contact Jacqui Lyttle if you wish to discuss your specific travel plans further.

UC Policy Library helpful hints

Did you know that not all University compliance documents (policies, frameworks, instructions etc) are held in the UCPL?

Not sure where else to look for compliance documents?

The UCPL webpages have information on where to find compliance documents when they aren’t in the UCPL. The UCPL  also links to a number of other sources of policy information from its home page.

There are many ways in which the University may present a compliance statement. Some of these will be turned into documents held in the UCPL, but others may found held on UC webpages, staff intranet, terms of use etc.  The Metapolicy helps explain who can develop compliance statements like policy, how these can be presented and where these can be accessed.

Please contact the Policy Unit if you want to know more.

Celebrating another awesome O Day

It’s been another fantastic Herea tō Waka | Orientation Day for UC!

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According to preliminary numbers we’re on par with 2019, with around 2,000 new students and whānau braving the weather to attend O Day.

Check out more of the action from the O Day social wall>

A big thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to give a warm welcome to the students joining our UC community this year.

With all new and returning students on campus from Monday, we are set for a fantastic 2020.


Why all students should download UCGO

The UCGO app provides the tools students need to succeed at UC. Using UCGO students can access their personal student email, LEARN and library accounts, as well as their class timetable. Spread the word and encourage students to download UCGO to help them on their journey to success at UC.

UCGO provides really practical information to help students in their first few weeks at UC including information on campus safety, getting to and from UC and finding their way around campus. It also has tools to help them connect with UC through social media and the Insider’s Guide | Tūpono blog.

New tools added this summer

New tools have been added to UCGO recently and are all available for staff too.

  • Keep your V-Plate card close, connect it to UCGO – tick ‘remember me’ when you log in for ease of use.
  • See what’s happening on campus through UC’s social media channels – all connected to UCGO.
  • Plan your journey to and from UC whether driving, cycling or catching the bus using the new Getting Around tool.

Staff can download UCGO and log in using their staff login details. Staff currently have access to the following tools through UCGO:

  • Support
  • Maps
  • Library
  • RecCentre
  • UC Social
  • V-Plate
  • Campus Safety
  • Getting Around
  • Key UC Dates
  • Insider’s Guide | Tūpono – student blog
  • Emergency push notifications – this is a primary channel of communication with staff and students in the event of a campus wide emergency. Notifications must be enabled to receive these messages.

Download UCGO now from the App Store and Google Play, and encourage students to do the same.

See all the tools and find more about UCGO here>

Keeping UC staff informed