UC Wellbeing Strategy review – tell us what you think

UC is committed to supporting the wellbeing of all staff and students in our community.

We’re undertaking a review of our current wellbeing strategy. Staff, students and our partners are an integral part of this process and we would value your input.

Discussion document and survey
A UC Wellbeing Strategy Discussion Document has been produced to provide context around wellbeing at UC. This document will support your knowledge around the current experience of wellbeing on campus and provide you with background to help you answer a short survey.

Your feedback will be used to help shape UC’s new wellbeing strategy and implementation plan for 2020 and beyond.

More information, the discussion document and online survey are available on the UC website here.

Please submit your feedback by 14 June 2019.

If you have any questions please email – wellbeingstrategy@canterbury.ac.nz

Essay buying and cheating in the news

You may have heard recent news allegations about international students at Auckland University buying their essays from ghost writers. (Source: 1 NEWS)

Cheating and academic dishonesty are not tolerated at UC. Academic integrity is one of the cornerstones of being a successful student, and breaching academic integrity can lead to serious consequences, including exclusion from the University.

Students have been reminded of the following:

Behaviours that put you or others at serious risk can impact on your enrolment at UC, your career and subsequent employment opportunities.

A UC student’s responsibility is:

  • to be self-motivated and actively contribute to personal learning
  • to complete course work to the best of your ability
  • to honestly engage in your course work
  • to understand that academic dishonesty including plagiarism and cheating has serious consequences

Please refer to the Know the Code – Student Code of Conduct pamphlet (available at Student Success, Security and UCSA offices) or Know the Code webpage for more information.

If students need support with their academic writing, the Academic Skills Centre | Pokapū Pūkenga Ako can help. They offer services and resources that focus on academic writing and strategies to support student success.

Professor Ian Wright
Deputy Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Tuarua

Telephone scams alert

UC has become aware of a number of sophisticated telephone scams circulating that aim to steal large amounts of money from people.

Current scams to be aware of include cold callers who say they work for Spark NZ and request bank account details, and a worldwide Chinese-speaking scam where the caller impersonates the Chinese government, tells the victim they are under investigation by Chinese officials and requests money.  

If you receive a phone call that you think might be a scam do not share any personal details, send any documents that confirm your identity or call any telephone numbers that the caller gives you. Hang up immediately.

Anyone who believes they are a scam victim should immediately report it to their bank and local Police. Students have been advised they can also contact the Student Care team for support and advice.

Tips for spotting telephone and online scams
Visit the Netsafe website for more guidance on how to spot a scam.

Struggling With Keyboard Shortcuts?

If you’re struggling with keyboard shortcuts, you may not know about this….

When you hover your mouse over some toolbar icons in Microsoft Office programs, the keyboard shortcut is displayed.
When you hover your mouse over some toolbar icons in Microsoft Office programs, the keyboard shortcut is displayed.

When you hover your mouse cursor over most icons in Microsoft Office programs, a pop-up appears, explaining the tool and displaying the shortcut. So instead of clicking an icon on a toolbar, use the shortcut as often as you can – just hovering over an icon from time to time for a reminder of a shortcut.

Meanwhile, have a look at the Keyboard shortcuts section of the Being more efficient with your technology site.

For great time-saving tips, look up:
Technology Information for Staff website

Was this tip helpful to you? Anything else you want to know? Got some suggestions? Please leave a comment below or let me know.

You’ll find more learning at Learning and Development.

UC Pasifika Old Skool Dinner 2

UC Pasifika Old Skool Dinners are social evenings for our mature or adult Pasifika students, who might like to spend time with other adult students and staff.

The dinners are an opportunity for these students and staff to get together, unwind and escape the stress and pressure of exams, research and or writing.

Please note we have no strict definition of what makes a ‘mature’ or ‘adult’ student, so if this feels like it’s for you, come along!

  • What: Old Skool Dinner 2
  • Date: Wednesday 29 May 2019
  • Time: 4pm – 6pm
  • Venue: Pacific Lali Room, Te Ao Marama 208, Arts Road, University of Canterbury

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