3 Tips to make your cell phone battery last longer

Remember when our cell phones used to stay alive for days without any need to charge them? But that was before they could do everything.

We now  depend on these powerful handheld computers more than ever, referring to them numerous times throughout the day – but let’s face it, the battery usually runs out sooner than we think it should, and at times this can be a major problem.

Here are three simple tips to manage your battery life so that you’ll be able to send that last tweet before going to sleep.
Next week I’ll share some more.

I’ll refer to the Apple iPhone here, but the principles apply to all cell phones.

1) Turn off the connections you are not using
To switch off  cellular/mobile data, go into:
>Settings > Cellular (or Mobile), and turn off Cellular Data / Mobile Data.
Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular data (also called mobile data) (3G-4G) are awesome to keep you connected to the world, but they drain your battery like nothing else (except maybe the camera app or a video). Switch these off anytime you are not using them and your battery life will increase significantly. You can turn Wifi and Bluetooth off by swiping up on your home screen and tapping their symbols.

Turning off cellular/mobile data is a little more drastic because you then won’t be able to browse the web or receive email, unless you’re connected to WiFi. So you might not switch it off very often. However, if you really need to conserve battery power, switching off cellular/mobile data while you don’t need it is one way to do so. Just remember you’ll need to switch it back on when you need to to browse the web or receive email.

2) Decrease the brightness of your screen
Naturally, your screen takes a lot of energy to work. While you need your screen on in order to use your phone, you can turn down the brightness by swiping up from the home screen.
Or better still, switch on Auto-Brightness:
>Settings >Display & Brightness >Auto-Brightness
After all, why have the screen blazing away when it’s daylight? Auto-Brightness senses the ambient light-levels and adjusts the screen accordingly.

3) DON’T close the apps you open
Well, first we were told we should be closing all our apps. Now we are told that having some apps open in the background doesn’t consume more battery than opening and closing them all the time. Closing apps to save battery is a myth. So, if you’re an iPhone user, leave them alone.

Adapted from:  5 simple iPhone tricks that will make your battery last way longer

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  1. GPS is another one that will drain your battery quick. If you don’t need it (and approximate location using cellsite/wifi data is usually sufficient) turn it off

    1. Thanks Glen – good idea! I was going to include that in next week’s tips, but I’ll give you the credit.

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