Health & Safety Representatives 2015

Successfully Nominated Health & Safety Representatives

After the recent call for nominations for Health & Safety Representatives within the Colleges, the Health & Safety Team is pleased to announce the successful nominees.

New and re-nominated (returning) Health & Safety Representatives are as follows:

Name Department/Unit
Kim Roberts Biological Sciences
Deberah Wekking Vice Chancellor’s Office
Shekinah Jones Human Resources
Jenny White Human Resources
Lachlan Kirk Forestry
Karen Lynda Walker Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring
Archna Tandon Chemistry
Vicki Christoffersen Gateway Antarctica
Gavin Blackwell Sports & Physical Education
Anne O’Connell Communications Disorders
Christopher Gomez Geography
David Winter Teacher Education

For a list of the Health & Safety Representatives within the Colleges whose terms did not end in 2015 are still continuing in their role please visit the Health & Safety Intranet.
For further information please contact the Health & Safety Administrator on extn 8787.