2 more Tips to make your cell phone battery last longer

Last week we looked at 3 ways to make our cell phone batteries last longer.  Today we have 2 more.

I’ll refer to the Apple iPhone here, but the principles apply to all cell phones.

1) Set your email to fetch manually
If your email is automatically fetching every few minutes, that is taking your battery life away.
You can select the option to check for new email manually, unless you suffer from extreme FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
Go to:
>Settings >Mail, Contacts, Calendars >Fetch New Data, and select Manual.
However, do note that when you check for new email you will have to open the email app and then swipe your finger down from the top of the screen to force it to check for new email. That’s the Manual part of the deal!

This next one I was already going to add, but I want to credit Glen Koorey who suggested it last week in the comments. Thanks Glen!

2) Don’t let apps track your location
GPS is another major battery sucker.
You can deactivate the option to share your location from:
>Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
Either turn everything off, or select app by app.

Adapted from:  5 simple iPhone tricks that will make your battery last way longer

Was this tip helpful to you? Do you have any other battery-saving tips to add? Anything else you want to know? Please leave a  comment below!

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