Type on a Samsung Galaxy S4 using Macrons

We talked about Using Macrons on an iPhone or iPad, back on the 14  August.

For all you Samsung users, now’s your turn.
Here’s how you type on a Samsung Galaxy S4 using Macrons.

(I’m referring to the Samsung Galaxy S4 here, but the concept should be the same for other Samsung models. Yes, I’m an iPhone user.)

Macrons are an important part of writing te reo Māori accurately. They indicate vowel length. Vowel length can change meaning.
Want to know more?http://www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz/english/resources_e/index.shtml

To enable a Macron when you’re typing on a Samsung Galaxy S4:

  1. When you’re typing, hold down the key for the character that requires a macron.
    – A small gallery appears, showing different accent examples for that character.
  2. Choose the example with the macron.
    – That character is inserted into your text, with a macron.
  3. Carry on typing.
  4. Repeat this process preceding each character that requires a macron.

NOTE: If you find you are missing the option for ō, install and set up the Google keyboard.

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