Press Enter!

Please…learn this tip. It’s agonising to watch people not doing this.

Any time you need to click an OK/Submit/Go button on your computer, this tip is going to save you effort and time!

So, you’ve just finished doing something on your computer, and you need to click the OK/Submit/Go button. Which of the following options is quicker, easier, and more efficient?

Option A: Reach out… find your mouse… move it to see where the cursor is on your monitor… move the mouse cursor to that OK/Submit/Go button… carefully, so you don’t miss… and… click it.


Option B: Press Enter.

Yes, you can just press the Enter key on your keyboard!
This has exactly the same result as clicking the OK/Submit/Go button with your mouse, but it is a lot simpler. And easier!

So next time you need to click an OK/Submit/Go button,

Note: some systems don’t respond to pressing Enter to activate the OK/Submit/Go button. On those systems you will still need to use the mouse.

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