2 more Tips to make your cell phone battery last longer

Last week we looked at 3 ways to make our cell phone batteries last longer.  Today we have 2 more.

I’ll refer to the Apple iPhone here, but the principles apply to all cell phones.

1) Set your email to fetch manually
If your email is automatically fetching every few minutes, that is taking your battery life away.
You can select the option to check for new email manually, unless you suffer from extreme FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
Go to:
>Settings >Mail, Contacts, Calendars >Fetch New Data, and select Manual.
However, do note that when you check for new email you will have to open the email app and then swipe your finger down from the top of the screen to force it to check for new email. That’s the Manual part of the deal!

This next one I was already going to add, but I want to credit Glen Koorey who suggested it last week in the comments. Thanks Glen!

2) Don’t let apps track your location
GPS is another major battery sucker.
You can deactivate the option to share your location from:
>Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
Either turn everything off, or select app by app.

Adapted from:  5 simple iPhone tricks that will make your battery last way longer

Was this tip helpful to you? Do you have any other battery-saving tips to add? Anything else you want to know? Please leave a  comment below!

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Learning and Development

Information for prospective graduate and postgraduate students

16 Postgrad_cover_thumbnail

The 2016 Postgraduate Prospectus is now available in print or online. This provides relevant information for all students considering postgraduate study at UC, including details of programmes and subjects by area, entry requirements, resources and staff expertise, scholarships and admissions. Print copies will be mailed to all final year undergraduate UC students after the holidays. The contact centre and helpdesk are also well stocked for enquiries. UC staff can order copies using the intranet request form.

View the 2016 Postgraduate Prospectus here.

Please note that UC is also running a university-wide postgraduate information evening for prospective students on Monday 21 September in the NZi3 foyer from 5.15-7:00pm. If you wish to get involved with this event, please contact events@canterbury.ac.nz

What if… buying a house became more affordable?


Tim Nees, Architect in Residence, Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering.

  • What if housing was more affordable?
  • What if housing solutions were more achievable?
  • What if architects and engineers could contribute creatively to the supply of housing, and at the same time, improve the environment?

The affordability of housing has featured in news headlines consistently throughout the year. But, despite the high media profile, few satisfactory answers have been offered and the dream of owning a home has, for many New Zealanders, been pushed further and further beyond reach.

But is owning a single family unit on a single piece of land the appropriate goal for all New Zealanders to aspire to at this point in the 21st century? Is this crisis really an opportunity to rethink the nation’s goals not just in terms of housing but in terms of all the environmental and social factors that are present alongside housing? With an unprecedented demand to develop new homes in the Auckland region, and the complex housing requirements of Christchurch’s rebuild, surely this point in time can be seen as not a crisis but a strategic opportunity for New Zealanders to address the way we design, build and invest in houses.

This lecture will examine the crisis as portrayed in the media and investigate ways architects have responded to this urgent need, drawing on local and overseas examples.

Register your attendance now by clicking here


Flat to rent – St Albans

Sunny, north facing two bedroom St Albans flat with single garage, and small private garden on quiet street.  Friendly neighbours.  The rent is currently $330/week.  Available from 8 Oct 2015.

Please contact Jane 021 376 532

Please note: we rent through a letting agency who will want to run a credit check and require a total of six weeks rent in advance including bond.

Be Fit and Healthy for Spring

Spring is here….which means Summer is just around the corner.  What does that mean to you?  We may have had a wee break from our healthy selves for winter (or part of winter), or we may have soldiered on with rigid routine.  Everyone is different, which is something we celebrate over this side of the river.

Maybe you’ve got a special walk or outdoor activity or challenge  planned for the Christmas break, where it might just be a little bit easier if you were a little fitter, bendier, healthier, lighter or stronger?  The staff at the RecCentre are experts at helping you find a way to fit in the exercise you need to reach your goals, in the shortest time possible.  Gone are the days of 2-3 hours in the gym…new training methods means workouts can be fun, and they can be done in just 45mins!

We’ve got a great special on offer for the month of September for all UC Staff.  Join for 3months for just $109  – that’s the normal price – and we’ll gift you an extra month for free!   We’ll also throw in a free SteerMe personalised programme to get you on your way, valued at $25.

But wait, there’s more….all staff who join in September go in to the draw to win their membership back! (up to the value of a 3month membership only, $109).

So, what are you waiting for?  You can sign up online from your desk, or you can pop over and have a look around first.    Not sure?  Contact Kat Henderson for a free week pass to see if it’s for you.  So gather up your colleagues and come join our UC community gym.

For more information, see our website or give us a call.