Use a different Out of Office Reply for senders outside UC

Most of us know how to switch on Out of Office Replies, and even how to do so days or weeks early so that it kicks in automatically.  But do you know that you can specify one reply for messages from within UC, and a different reply for messages from outside UC, or even none at all?

We will usually give more detail in our internal replies than to those outside the University.

In Outlook, when you set up your Automatic Replies (>File>Automatic Replies):

  1. Switch on Send automatic replies, and specify a date range if desired.
  2. Click the Outside My Organization tab.
  3. Click the check box for Auto-reply to people outside my organization.
  4. Enter your Out of Office message for people outside the University.
    NOTE: If you wish to use the same message you’ve used for Inside My Organization, for recipients outside your organisation, simply copy your message from Inside My Organization and paste it into the Outside My Organization message area using Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste).
  5. Click the OK button.

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