The Great NZ Shake Out – 15 Oct 2015

nz shakeout

On October 15th 2015 at 09:15 the Great New Zealand Shakeout Drill will occur to help New Zealand better prepare. In Canterbury, we need to be aware that there are still potential events ahead which may affect us and as such, and in support of the wider community of New Zealand, it would be appropriate for us to contribute to this drill.

The University has registered as a community for the drill and but please consider signing up individually to show your support and contribution.


  • Any building alarms which sound at the time of the drill are to be treated as real, as there is no campus wide notification planned.
  • UC Departments are encouraged to participate by conducting drills in their respective areas.
  • Evacuation to earthquake assembly areas is not required for the drill, however, staff are strongly encouraged to take the time to review the UC earthquake emergency procedures and become familiar with the earthquake evacuation routes and assembly areas.

More information on the New Zealand Shakeout.