What if… you had solar power for your home?


Dr Allan Miller, Director of the EPECentre and Green Grid programme

• A brief introduction to solar power, the technology, and the resource
• A brief introduction to the GREEN Grid programme
• Uptake of solar power globally and in New Zealand
• The economics of solar power to households and businesses
• Environmental aspects of solar power

Solar power, from photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, is growing rapidly in New Zealand. However at about 5.5 Watts per person, New Zealand is a long way behind its neighbour, Australia at 180 Watts per person. Germany, the world leader is at 440 Watts per person. This presentation introduces solar PV technology, examines the worldwide solar PV market, and solar PV in New Zealand. In looking at solar PV in New Zealand, the presentation looks at the uptake, economics, environmental aspects, and impact on the electricity grid. This work comes from the ‘Renewable Energy and the Smart Grid’ research project (also known as GREEN Grid) led by the Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre) at the University of Canterbury. Shreejan Pandey, Manager of the EPECentre will talk about his experience installing solar PV on schools in Tonga, as part of an international aid programme.