Noise at work






The University of Canterbury recognises that noisy work environments can be disruptive and have the potential to impact people’s overall health and wellbeing. Processes are in place to inform departments in a timely manner about scheduled works likely to cause noise disruptions. Unfortunately, prior notification is sometimes not possible and staff will at times be required to deal with unanticipated raised noise levels or vibrations.

Below are the options available to UC staff when noise levels negatively impact the work environment. Staff should always discuss these options and personal circumstances with their head of department or supervisor.

Working from home

Flexible working hours

Alternative working spaces
Limited temporary office work stations are available on the Ilam and Dovedale campuses. These work stations are equipped with shared telephones, computers and stationery items. Managers should contact Rob Bevin, Space Management Advisor, to arrange alternative working space for their staff.

For many people using personal headsets with music is enough to help deal with temporary noise. Noise cancelling headphones are only recommended for people with health issues that are likely to be severely impact by high noise levels. Departments can purchase standard headsets from Office Max using general stationery ordering processes.