Copyright Compliance and Reporting

Learn has been chosen as the UC Copyright Management tool.

The good news is that it will provide what is needed with the least change and training required for academics.

In fact there will be no change to how you work if you are already placing all copyright materials for your teaching on Learn.


The project is driven by the signing, earlier this year, of a new copyright licensing agreement with Copyright Licensing New Zealand.

In return for a reduced increase in licence fee we have agreed to automate the collection of and reporting on all copying of published materials for teaching.

This covers the copying of printed materials and allows for the creation of electronic copies provided via Learning Management Systems (i.e. Moodle/Learn).

Colleges will be contacted, over the next six months, regarding teaching materials outside Learn and how to ensure copyright compliance. The University has a statutory and contractual obligation to manage rights protected material, and is committed to doing so.

Updates on progress will be provided early in 2016. As well as the collection and reporting functionality we plan to make the process of adding copyright course materials to Learn less labour intensive.