Changes to waste and recycling

Changes to UC’s waste system are being rolled-out from this week to minimise the contamination of our campus recycling.

Some items that used to be recycled must now be put in the red landfill bins. This is because some types of plastic and packaging are no longer being accepted by UC’s end-point recyclers.

You can make a difference by sorting your waste correctly.

How to sort your wasteWaste Image

  1. Take notice of the waste stickers and posters in your area. New stickers and posters showing the changes (like the one above) will be implemented from December 2015 to January 2016.  Keep an eye out for when things change in your area.
  2. Sort your waste according to the new stickers and posters.
  3. If in doubt, put your item into the red landfill bin. This will prevent recycling becoming contaminated.
  4. Encourage people in your area to recycle right. If you see someone doing it well, recognise them! If you see someone struggling with what to put in the bins, help them!

Why is it important to recycle right?

Sorting your waste correctly and knowing what to recycle minimises the contamination of our recycling, ensuring it is accepted by end-point recyclers. Maximising the volume of recycling on campus is part of UC’s commitment to addressing waste-related sustainability issues. Recycling right helps to minimise the amount of waste UC sends to landfill. This reduces our waste-to-landfill charges and is better for the environment.

Where can I learn more?

Find out more about the changes here:

If you have questions, please contact the Sustainability Projects Facilitator Katie Nimmo at, or call her on extn 6025.