CETF power outage – Weekend 12 and 13 December

As a part of the CETF project, the new main switchboards are to be installed in their final position within the Electrical Engineering sub- station, requiring a power outage to a small section of the Ilam campus next weekend. This is the last planned power outage for Stage 1 of the CETF project.

Outage period: Saturday 12th to 13th Decemberfrom 7.00am to 7.00pm.

Because of the extended nature of this outage, normal data services and access control will not function and buildings will be cleared, hard locked and inaccessible for the period of the outage. Should you inadvertently require access, you will need to contact Security directly.

Many of the buildings affected are within the current CETF construction zone, however those outside of this zone that will be affected are:

  • EPS Library
  • Special purposes and Fire Lab
  • High voltage Lab
  • Lecture Theatres E8 and E9
  • Hard Hat Cafe

While the planned outages are during the weekend to minimise impacts, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience. Please forward this email within your departments and to students as appropriate.

Some staff may have already been advised of the potential outage as part of the planning process, and this notification should be read as a confirmation that it will now proceed.

If there are any issues with the planned works, please contact Rob Oudshoorn on ext. 6477 or 027 436 4161.